Exhibition at the Musée de l'Homme

The EXPO "I eat therefore I am

  • WE LOVE : an exhibition for all tastes (archaeology, culture, nature, science)
  • AGE: from 10 years old
  • DATE: until August 31, 2020
  • LOCATION:  Museum of Man (Paris 16e)
the exhibition I eat therefore I am

"I eat therefore I am", the exhibition with the taste of the day!

  • An exhibition on food to allow the general public to discover, by visiting 3 rooms, the aspects of the organic (body and food), cultural (Edible crops) and ecological (consuming nature).
  • How does the act of eating shape our identities through cultural practices, rituals and prohibitions?
  • What role did food play in our evolution? What were the prehistoric foods?
  • Are there "gendered" foods? What are the food inequalities between men and women?
  • What are the environmental impacts of producing resources to feed the world today and tomorrow?
  • The visit alternates between topical themes (meat, GMOs?) and more surprising ones (microbiology, culinary art?).
  • The scenography is sober and sometimes offbeat. You can talk on the phone with the fictitious cow, Doctor Moo, about the different diets, sit at a Japanese table or at a desk for lunch or watch an extract from The Wing or the Thigh?

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