Exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Art and History

THE EXPO "Helena Rubinstein, the adventure of beauty

  • WE LOVE : a very lively exhibition on a great lady of the 20th century, worthy of a novel heroine
  • DATE: until August 25, 2019
  • LOCATION: Museum of Jewish Art and History (Paris 3rd)
Helena Rubinstein exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Art and History in Paris

The exhibition on Helena Rubinstein, a life worthy of a film heroine

  • The exhibition presents an exceptional woman, a rebel who came from a poor Polish Jewish family and single-handedly founded a global cosmetics empire, an industry and a culture of beauty
  • The exhibition is fascinating because Helena Rubinstein is unique and fascinating. She was a pioneer in every field, an exceptional businesswoman and a great collector.
  • Through the journey of Helena Rubinstein, it is a large part of the XXth century which is retraced in this exhibition. It is a geographical (she lived in Europe, Australia and the United States) and chronological (1870-1965) journey
  • A great collector, Helena Rubinstein met the great artists of the 20th century (painters, sculptors, architects, fashion designers...). The exhibition presents objects, clothes, photos, engravings, books, paintings, sculptures, tapestries from her famous personal collection and retraces the career of the woman who Jean Cocteau called her "the empress of beauty".

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