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For a privatization in family (from 3 years), between friends or for a birthday

You wish to privatize a visit to the Louvre

Choose the date (and time) on which you would like to privatize a family visit. The availability of the guide will be confirmed within 48 hours. Your transaction will be charged only after confirmation of availability.

6 themes for private visits to the Louvre Museum (to be chosen later)

  • My mini Louvre (3-6 years)
  • The masterpieces of the Louvre explained to children (from 7 years old)
  • Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs at the Louvre (from 6/7 years)
  •  Monsters and heroes of Mythology at the Louvre (6/10 years)
  • The masterpieces of the Louvre explained to teenagers (from 13 years old)
  • The great masters of the Renaissance at the Louvre (from 13 years old)

  • Rates excluding Sundays and holidays 250? private tour* (excluding tickets)
  • Sunday and holiday rates 300? private tour* (excluding tickets)
  • Admission to the museum is free for children

* The tour fee does not include admission to the Louvre for adults >>. I buy my adult tickets for the Louvre

  • Number 6 people max (adults and children)
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Language in French and English
  • Tours led by certified guides
  • At least one adult must be present when minors are involved

Please note that reservations at the Louvre must be made at least 10 days in advance

And also: these visits are offered in group visits

All year round, including school vacations

  • From 20? per visit (child rate) and 38.99? per visit, including admission to the Louvre (adult rate)
  • These visits last between 1h30 and 2h
  • They are led by certified guides.
  • Up to 25 people per visit
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Very nice afternoon spent at the Louvre on the theme of Greek mythology
Written by jean philippe MARTINET-FERROILLE, on 24-12-2022

pleasant visit with Natalina who captivated our daughter and ourselves I sincerely recommend thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Laure Maillet , on 20-12-2022

Very nice guide, great with children and parents. Very adapted guided tour, she fascinated our children. We thank her very much for her kindness and her practical advice for the Louvre which helped us a lot! We had a great time.

Star Star Star Star Star - Guided tour for children
Written by Sophie LACQUIT, 06-12-2022

The guide arrived right on time at 10am, then passed through security, checkroom, entrance. The visit ended approximately 1h30 after the agreed 2 hours. We were surprised especially that the 6 years old boys were not tired. Too bad because it was very interesting!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good visit with Natalina
Written by Pierre-Alain, on 28-11-2022

Visit of the Egyptian antiquities department at the Louvre with Natalina for our family of five. She was a very interesting and lively speaker who adapted perfectly to the expectations of the young and old. Bravo and thank you!

Star Star Star Star Star - Extraordinary!
Written by Valérie Michel Dousse, 02-11-2022

The reservation was made by our hotel. We did not receive any comments about any difficulty in booking. I recommend this activity to all families who want to visit the Louvre with their parents and, in particular, I recommend Cyril, our guide. He was extraordinary. Our children did not see the two hours we spent in the museum pass by. Perhaps a remark of improvement. We were lucky, there were few people but in case of big crowds, such a guided tour should give access to a more particular queue to enter the museum.

Star Star Star Star Star - Exceptional visit!
Written by Marielle Pericchi, on 04-09-2022

An extraordinary guide. Strong sensitivity and listening. To be repeated everywhere with her.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great
Written by Stéphanie Lorfevre , on 30-08-2022

EMILIE was fascinating and passionate and we had a great time. The children and adults loved it. I would recommend her without hesitation!

Star Star Star Star Star - our visit
Written by René Massé, 04-07-2022

We really enjoyed this visit. The lecturer was very competent and kind. The organization was very good. I highly recommend this organization

Star Star Star Star Star - Cultural escapade
Written by Famille bordelaise , on 30-04-2022

A very pleasant family time. Our guide Catalina was wonderful: smiling, understanding, she adapted instantly and answered all the questions from the youngest (10) to the oldest (the father). Her vocabulary was adapted to our little knowledge. In spite of the crowd (school vacations), thanks to her, our visit of the must-see places was smooth. I recommend her ++++ On the administrative side, familinparis is very professional and straightforward? everything is set up like clockwork and it's very pleasant? no bad surprises or delays. An experience to be repeated! Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by katia bocq, on 20-04-2022

Our feedback on our visit to the Louvre was very positive. We were seduced by the 7-12 years old visit, as were our two children. They didn't miss a thing and were captivated by Cyril and his good mood. He knew how to lead the group with kindness and the visit went very well! Thank you for these cultural proposals that seduce young and old and for the quality of your speakers!

Star Star Star Star Star - Overall rating: 4.5. Quality / price : 4 Fun :5
Written by MARIE-ANTOINETTE BAUDET, 20-04-2022

Plu: ticket cutter/choice of works/adaptation to children... No difficulties even with a little bit in advance..... Highly recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Pascale M, on 07-03-2022

Thank you for this great visit: Emilie is an excellent lecturer, attentive to all and who gives explanations completely adapted to children! Bravo, we will surely do other visits with you.

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Michèle G, on 25-02-2022

Offering guided tours for children in a museum is great. We took part with my grandchildren (5 and 8 years old) in the visit about mythology and gods. The organization of the visit was perfect: welcome, deposit of coats and bags in the checkroom, headphones, activity booklet to fill in during the visit? The tour and the accompaniment by the guide were completely adapted to the children. We will repeat these visits on other themes.

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Marie Pascale D, on 21-02-2022

My grandson and I loved our visit to the Louvre. The tour was not too long and we learned a lot of things in a very playful way. The guide was very well adapted to her public. Perfect organization, a very good time! I highly recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Caroline L, on 20-01-2022

Exceptional speaker during our visit to the Louvre. She was able to captivate the children (and parents) by telling simple, funny and exciting stories. Few people that day. Very pleasant. I recommend for all ages. Even the 3 and a half year old was hooked!

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Thomas P, on 20-01-2022

Excellent guide who gave us a great tour of the Louvre in concentrate. She knew how to keep the children's attention during 1h30. I highly recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by F.F, on 20-12-2021

Visit of the masterpieces of the Louvre and visit of the Opera (kids)? these moments made the discovery of Paris very enriching for the children (10 and 13 years old). The youngest tested with joy and pride the words of skulls thanks to Cyril. They discovered the wonders of Paris and these two moments were part of the magic they felt. They came back delighted and we adults learned just as much! Very pleasant moments from the beginning to the end each time.

Star Star Star Star Star -  
Written by Florence H, on 20-11-2021

Extraordinary! We are very happy. We did the visit of the Louvre for the children with Nathalie as a lecturer. It was very lively, very interesting, also for the adults. Lots of explanations, anecdotes, information? Thanks a lot!

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