Tennis, mountain, video games ... kids love it!

Certainly, the summer, the sun, the heat, it is finished for this year. Our little darlings have made their comeback and homework today have taken precedence over their daily lives. Rest assured, however, the holidays of All Saints arrive at a great pace!
Because children and teenagers have a thirst for infinite discovery, Telligo, the leader of holiday camps for 6-17 year olds, offers stays as varied and exciting as we unveil a selection today.

Video Game Academy

Your child is passionate about video games? It's time for him to learn how to make them, to design his! A stay in perfect balance between activities in front of the screen and outdoor games!

Veto seed

What if the family cat limps or the hamster has a dilated abdomen? This trip will allow young people to discover the profession of veterinarian and go home with lots of tips to take care of animals!

Game, set and match

And if we took advantage of All Saints' holidays to play tennis or improve his forehand? Whatever your level, your child will discover the adrenaline of the first games!

Mountain Adventure Team

Discover new activities, work outdoors and take on challenges! A sport stay to have fun in the heart of the Savoyard mountain.

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