In the Yvelines (78)

At the Gally-Sartrouville farm, goats are dwarfed, the pigs are closed, the chickens are red and horses strong enough to pull heavy loads. The cows when they are in the meadow as soon as the sun comes out and the temperature rises, and in the stable in the warmth of winter.

Spring is the month of births for kids and lambs.

A one-way route was created to visit the educational farm quietly, in this Covid period. The attendance has been revised downwards.

chickens in educational farms

The farm of Sartrouville

The schedules

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3:30 pm to 6 pm
  • Wednesday  from 2pm to 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6:30pm

Prices for the visit of the farm

  • Child rate 4.20?, 3.60? after school (weekdays)
  • Adult rate : 4,60?, 4? (conditional), 3.60? after school (weekdays)
  • Reduced rates if you live in Sartrouville
  • Free for children under 3 years old

Reservation recommended

Reservations are highly recommended, as attendance has been reduced due to the health situation.

ferme de Gally schedules

Do we like it?

A very nice outing with the kids

We fill up with nature and we take the air. You can recharge your batteries and the contact with the animals does you good. The youngest are extremely receptive to the animals of the farm. This is an idea for a walk that combines a friendly family moment and an educational outing, for a very reasonable price.

Feeding the animals

The animals will be able to attend the feeding of the animals in the afternoon.

The workshops

Currently closed due to the health situation - All year round workshops (such as bread making) are offered to children for an additional fee. The fee is 5? per person. You can book them in advance or pay them on the spot.

ferme de Gally price

Where to see also animals in Il-de-France ?

Practical information

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