Musical comedy
A Broadway classic

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: the real traditional musical
Age :  for teens
DATe:  extension until March 7
Location:   Marigny Theater (Paris 8th)
The musical for teens

Funny Girl: A Broadway Classic, Never Ridden in Paris

  • Funny Girl is the famous musical that revealed Barbra Streisand on stage and on the screen
  • The Marigny Theater presents a true musical with a flawless troupe American comedians, sets and beautiful costumes.
  • Comedians, dancers, a dozen musicians, rhythm, breathtaking choreography and a beautiful scenography ...
  • A great show!
  • Funny Girl is ridden for the first time in France. The version is in English subtitled.
  • The story, inspired by the life of the true Fanny Brice - is located at New York around the First World War. Fanny Brice, star of Ziegfeld Follies, waiting for the release of her husband, remembering the steps that led to its success.
  • "People", "Do not Rain on My Parade" or "The Music That Makes Me Dance" are all titles that have made the success of Funny Girl and are associated with the fame of Barbra Streisand. 
  • A show of about 2h


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