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With the family (from 8 years old), with friends, with grandparents...

Equipped with your logbookIf you're a fan of the Palais-Royal, set off for an unusual treasure hunt in and around the splendid gardens of the Palais-Royal. A puzzle game in the 1st district in complete freedom and autonomy (unguided) to do when you want and with whom you want? and especially if it rains because it is sheltered

game of riddles in the Parisian passages
  • Tarif : 19,90? for the treasure hunt (whatever the number of participants)
  • Who is it for? in family (with children from 7/8 years old) or between friends
  • When : when you want, you choose the day and time of the trail game
  • Duration 2.5 hours for a 2.5 km route (or more if you take a lunch or snack break)
  • Number of people ideally 6 participants max. (but you are not limited)
  • Place of departure and arrival Place du Palais-Royal
  • Carnet de bord : your booklet (logbook) will guide you throughout the walk. You can print it (all or part of it) or download it on your phone. You have 1 year to download and use your Enigma Walk!

The points of interest of this Enigma Walk

The sites crossed or appearing on the route are superb: the Royal Palace (complex composed of the palace, gardens, galleries and theater) , the French comedy, the Vivienne Gallery (one of the most beautiful passages in Paris), the Choiseul passage (and its magnificent glass roof), Buren's columns ( open-air work of art by Daniel Buren), la place Colette (and its subway station called "Kiosque des noctambules"), the National Library of France?

What is it about?

A walk in Paris - in the form of an enigma game - in the Palais-Royal district.

Equipped with four documents composed ofa logbook which explains where to go and how to get there with lots of information.riddles to solveof a neighbourhood map to find your way around, a toolbox full of surprises and a notebook with the solutions (but not to be read?), you will walk at your own pace and advance on the course step by step, as soon as each enigma is solved! If you get stuck, don't panic, the booklet with the solutions is there for that.

Our opinion on this original ride in the 1st

  • Flexibility : you make your walk when you want and at your own pace!
  • Playful To advance on the course, you will have to solve riddles on various themes (cinema, music, literature?) which makes the walk fun and motivating
  • Cultural For the more curious, the "Learn More" section will give you fascinating information on the history, geography, and anecdotes related to this magnificent district.
  • Cheap an original activity in less than 20? for the whole group


walk with a teenager

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Practical information

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