An outdoor escape game / historical clue on the Île Saint-Louis
Duration of the game 2h
Ideal with children from 10 years old
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A treasure hunt - historical investigation on the Île Saint-Louis to solve the secret of Nicolas Flamel's Vial and know the reason why Arsène Lupin stole this vial. An outdoor treasure hunt / Cluedo built on the same model as " 2 hours to save the king"The escape game in Versailles is a great success.

Will you succeed in solving Arsène Lupin's last secret by walking around the Ile Saint Louis?

The outdoor escape game "Arsene Lupin's last secret" on the Ile Saint Louis

The price of the track game ?2 hours to discover the last secret of Arsène Lupin? :

  • 29 euros per participant (adult or child)
  • Free for children under 9 years old

Practical information :

  • It's a historical treasure hunt which takes place outdoors.
  • Place on the Ile Saint-Louis
  • Duration of the game: about 2 hours
  •  This game is played in teams. Ideally 5 to 6 participants but it's fun from 2 people
  • The meeting place is located 24, quai d'Orléans, Ile-Saint-Louis, Paris 4th


"2 hours to discover Arsène Lupin's last secret" : between an escape game and a life-size clue

An outdoor treasure hunt, ideal for families

  • The objective of this historical treasure hunt designed as a life-size clue or an outdoor escape game is to discover the history of the Ile Saint-Louis, while having fun. .
  • You will discover its history and its mysteries: the club of the Haschischins where Baudelaire, Théophile Gautier and Alexandre Dumas met; the house of the Centaur where Aurelien, hero of the eponymous novel of Aragon, lived; the street of the woman without a head?
  • It's a visit very adapted to the whole family (ideal from 9 years old). It is not necessary to have any particular historical knowledge, the game is designed for everyone.

The pitch:

1921 - A vial that belonged to the alleged alchemist Nicolas Flamel was stolen by the multi-recidivist burglar Arsène Lupin from the Countess Cagliostro's mansion at 24 quai d'Orléans. The commissioner Lenormand in charge of the survey is convinced: "It is not the vial It is not what is valuable, but what is in it.

2021 - This vial is always hidden on the Saint-Louis island. You will have to use all your skills as an experienced investigator to finally find her and discover her secret.

==> Your mission: you will have 2 hours to find the precious clues and discover the last secret of Arsène Lupin

The course of the treasure hunt / escape game :

  • At the beginning, distribution of the secret documents necessary for your investigation and distribution of the teams
  • To help you, you will have clues throughout the treasure hunt and, if necessary, the help of an animator who can be reached at any time by phone.
  • 2 hours later, you will meet the host. The winning team will then be chosen.
  • A surprise awaits all participants at the finish line.

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signature of the treasure hunt : the last secret of Arsene Lupin

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