The largest miniature park in Europe, west of Paris!

France miniature

France miniature

Useful information

  • Free for children under 4
  • It is advisable to come by car (parking)
  • Two restaurants (including a quick snack) for those who want to have lunch on site


France miniature

An ideal family outing

  • France miniatureis to travel all over France for a nice walk in just a few hours. A day that promises to be rewarding.
  • The children will discover the French heritage, its riches, its traditional villages, its monuments and museums, its bridges and viaducts through remarkably reconstructed models. They will enjoy recognizing places they already know.
  • The staging is particularly well thought out, we pass from region to region, from village to village, in a huge hilly park, animated by a train and locomotive circuit.
  • Discover the whole of France in an 8-hectare park
  • A play park designed for children: 8 attractions to let off steam and 11 interactive experiences
France miniature
France miniature

Practical information

View schedule details Open on weekends, public holidays and school holidays until November 3rd included.
Schedules change depending on school holidays, see the France Miniature website.
The park closes after the holidays of All Saints, for a period of about 3 months.

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