October 7 to November 5, 2023
Halloween at France Miniature

France Miniature, Halloween special

  • Europe's largest miniature park celebrates Halloween
  • The park adorns its monuments with bats, spiders, skeletons and other oddities.
  • A treasure hunt is offered to children during the visit.
  • Wander the four corners of the country, to spot the horrible clues held by strange creatures: will you dare to go and meet these gloomy characters, to discover a strangely frightening France?

  • Age : from 3 years
  • When: during the All Saints' Day holiday
  • Location: Elancourt (78)

France Miniature, the theme park to discover French heritage

  • France Miniature is located in the west of ParisIt is about 45 minutes from Paris by car (Oise).
  • This amusement park is the largest miniature amusement park in Europe.
  • Thanks to remarkably reconstructed models, it allows you to discover the French heritage.
  • The children walk in a park of 8 hectares and discover in a playful way France and its villages, monuments and bridges.
  • 14 interactive experiences mark out the course. These include an archaeological dig site, a prehistoric cave or the Fort Boyard experience!
  • France Miniature is also 9 attractions for young and old. Slides and somersaults to turn your head upside down, "Chat perché" for a bird's eye view of France, and "Même pas peur" which takes you aboard a boat propelled at 40 km/h across the English Channel... 
Miniature France at All Saints' Day
celebrate Halloween at france miniature

Other fun family Halloween ideas:

Practical information

View schedule details Open on weekends, public holidays and school holidays until November 3rd included.
Schedules change depending on school holidays, see the France Miniature website.
The park closes after the holidays of All Saints, for a period of about 3 months.

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