A guided tour for children from 8 years old
At the Police Museum (in the 5th district)
In family, school, peri-school, privatization...

Pitch for the "Who benefits from crime?" investigative tour.

The history of the great criminals told to children (and their parents or grandparents)

  • The first serial killer in French history was, it was.... you dry admit it!!!
  • Well not your child at the end of this visit to the Police Museum. Because this is also culture...
  • During this outing, your children will learn all about the great "villains" of French history. From Landru to Doctor Petiot through Ravaillac and the Queen of the Apaches...
  • Everything, they will know everything about the techniques of the greatest criminals and how the great policemen such as Vidocq operated to denounce them.
  • Small disgusting stories assured .... Sensitive souls should not be involved.

Rates and practical information

  • Rate : 14€ (adult or youth) - 10% discount with code FAMILINPARIS
  • For your information: admission to the Police Museum is free for everyone
  • 20 participants max. per visit
  • Children must be accompanied by at least one adult (1 adult for 6 children)
  • Duration of the visit  : 1h30
  • Meeting place at the police museum
  • Visit in French

Private visit "Who benefits from crime? (rates and info)

♡ Nice to book for several families (more reasonable budget).

  • Rate 220€ for 15 people max. (child and adult)
  • Age Children : ideal with children between 8 and 14 years old (they must be accompanied by at least one adult)
  • Duration of the visit  : 1h30
  • Meeting place The Police Museum
  • Visit in French

What are the days when you can privatize this visit? ?

  •  weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • 3rd Saturday of each month
  • The Police Museum is closed on the 1st, 2nd and last Saturday of each month. It is also closed on Sundays

For schools or youth centres

  • 180 € the visit (free entrance fee)
  • At least 3 adults for a class of 26 students
  • Including 1 copy of the activity booklet in PDF format (optional 20€ printing of the booklet for children)
  • School From CE2 to 3ème
  • Mairie for children (from 8 years old) and teenagers
  • Payment in good standing is accepted

Guided tours in museums...

Practical information

View schedule details The museum is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm, Thursday from 9:30 am to 7 pm and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

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