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The exhibition-experience to move, dance, interact
To Lyrical Cheerfulness


WE love
a fun and poetic digital experience
Age :  for all, from 6 years old
Duration:  until January 3, 2021
Location:   Gaîté Lyrique (Paris 3rd)

Due to the high number of visitors, we strongly recommend that you book in advance.Receive your E-Ticket on your smartphone.

"Faire corps" is a playful and poetic exhibition-experience

  • "Faire Corps" presents a dozen installations of the Adrien M & Claire B company.
  • Adrien M & Claire B create since 2011 shows and installations at the crossroads of digital and performing arts.
  • He is a juggler and computer scientist, she is a visual artist and scenographer.
  • Composed of about ten devices, Faire corps - Adrien M & Claire B forme a vast intuitive, dazzling and curious whole, into which we are invited to enter, to move, to dance, to interact.
  • It's about a exhibition-experience that involves the visitor's body.
  • We are immersed in a living world that changes and transforms on contact with us, under the effect of our gestures and moving bodies.
  • We move forward in darkness, we play with light and shadow, points and lines, time and space, true and false.
  • We juggle with the alphabet, we contemplate a letter tree under the wind, we walk on the water, we evolve in abstract landscapes...
  • It's playful, bewitching, poetic and amazing.


exhibition at the Gaité Lyrique for children and teenagers

Practical information

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  • Tuesday to Friday from 2 to 8 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday from 12h to 19h
  • Nocturnal every Thursday until 10pm
  • Closed on May 1st

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