- Musical show -
  • WE love : a wacky animal troupe with music
  • Age : from 3 years
  • Duration: Until May 4
  • Location: Theater of the Work (Paris 9th)

The School of Fables, a wacky animal troupe

  • In Mademoiselle Plume's class, wacky animals sing their story
  • In the School of Fables we meet a sparrow who wants to become an eagle, a fearful wolf, a fly who goes bzz, bzz, bzz bzz, bzz, bzz, a sad dolphin, a charming singing horse...
  • These singular animals, look strangely like the people we meet in our daily life
  • They are 3 on stage. Thomas Semence a guitarist with an electric tendency. Hanna on vocals and David Lewis on trumpet, piano, vocals and percussion
  • A warm, magical, sometimes caustic show of 45 minutes

Practical information

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  • Saturdays at 15h
  • From Wednesday to Saturday at 15h during the school holidays

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