Until September 1, 2024
The audacity and ingenuity of young designers in the spotlight

An exhibition to change the way we look at our waste production and give us reasons for hope

  • WE LOVE : an exciting and positive exhibition that shows how we can transform our waste.
  • AGE : from 15 years
  • WHEN: until 1st september 2024
  • OPENING every day except Monday (closed on 1st January, 1st May and December 25)
  • HOURS from 10am to 6pm, and until 7pm on Sundays
  • OR : at the Cité des Sciences - La Villette (Paris 19e)
  • KNOWLEDGE The ticket gives access to exhibitions on levels 1 and 2, and to the Argonaute. and planetarium
  • The exhibition invites us, with education and without making us feel guilty, à become aware of the impact of our waste on the planet. Every year, more than 2 billion tonnes of garbage are produced worldwide.
  • Nature and people are poisoned by the production and destruction of electronic components and plastics.
  • So, to consume differently, we need to change our consumption habits: upcycling, recycling and repair workshops...
  • This exhibition shows us that solutions exist to transform them. with some surprising and ingenious initiatives. Examples include fish bones that become biodegradable plastic, seaweed bricks for housing, costumes made from kelp, a meal tray made from rice and coffee seeds... Yes, ingenuity knows no bounds!
  • Thanks to all these young engineers and designers who give us reason to hope!
  • A new generation of scientists and engineers are working to turn our waste into a sustainable raw material. Waste has potential and value
  • Far from the old-fashioned image of recycled productsyoung designers find solutions to reconcile aesthetics and ethics
  • The exhibition itself is eco-designed: all the objects presented traveled only by sea and land, as the exhibition was mounted in London and Hong Kong before arriving in Paris.
  • Display furniture is based on the scenography of previous exhibitions

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