At the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (MAD)
  • WE love : an original exhibition on the history of fashion and sport
  • Or : at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris 1st (Louvre and Tuileries districts)
  • Rate : 14 €
  • Age : from 5 years
  • When: until April 7, 2024
  • schedule from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Opening Every day except Monday
  • Closing Monday
  • Free of charge for people under 26 years old
  • To know more :
    • ticket includes exhibition(s) + permanent collections + audioguide
    • Additional registration for workshops

And also, our behind-the-scenes guided tours of major sports venues

"Fashion and sport, from one catwalk to the other".

This exhibition explores the links between the worlds of sport and fashion, from antiquity to the present day.

  • As Paris prepares for the arrival of the 2024 Olympic Games, MAD Paris presents a cheerful and colorful exhibition on the world of sport
  • 450 pieces, clothing and accessories, as well as photographic documents, newspaper clippings, paintings, sculptures and videos, accompany us in the discovery of a body dressed for effort and performance.
  • We discover the links between two seemingly distant worlds
  • That's how Patou, Chanel and Schiaparelli took an interest in sports in the 1920s, enriching their couture collections with sportswear for the first time.
  • To this day, the big names in fashion continue to work closely with the most famous sports brands
  • This body dressed to win also speaks of changes in society, emancipation, belonging and even social classes.
  • The catwalks are full of stories and anecdotes: from the Lacoste crocodile to the Tour de France yellow jerseythey've become iconic!
  • Scandals are not forgotten with the fuchsia belted black jumpsuit from Serena Williams who shocked so many on the courts of French Open in 2018
  • But also victories with the famous Zidane jersey worn for the world cup
  • Mythical garments chosen to celebrate the Olympic Games, they show us the extent to which sport has influenced everyday fashion on the streets: jogging, sneakersclothing tech.

Around the exhibition for children and families

Register for workshops and events on the museum website

  • From age 5: "3,2,1 jouez!" - Drawing book available free of charge at the reception desk - To visit the exhibition independently. Invites observation and creativity, drawing and coloring.
  • For ages 4 to 6: Workshop -Dress up your mascot"Tennis, swimming or soccer, the discovery of the sportswear presented in the exhibition inspires children to create an animated mascot, an animal totem dressed in the shapes and colors of their favorite sport. (Duration: 2 hours + 1 adult)
  • For the Ages 7-10: WorkshopWell into your socks! "Children personalize a pair of socks and its packaging. Create your own logo using the coats of arms, logos and jerseys on display in the exhibition. (Duration: 2 hours + 1 adult)
  • For the 11-14 yearsWorkshopFrom track to podium"Through color and folding, create sensations of dynamism and speed. Using works found in the exhibition, youngsters will propose a haute couture silhouette inspired by the codes of sport. (Duration: 2h + 1 adult)
  • Ages 11 to 14 - STAGE - "Show the swimsuits! (4 sessions) "Discovering the exhibition inspires apprentice designers to create a sportswear top to wear the colors and motifs of their favorite sport. (Duration: 4 sessions of 2.5 hours, Tuesday to Friday)
"Fashion and sport, from one catwalk to the other".

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