Exhibition at the Great Gallery of Evolution

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: an unusual underwater world to explore
Age :  for all, from 6 years old
Duration:  until January 5, 2020
Location:   Great Gallery of Evolution (Paris 5e)

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exposition ocean au MNHN

Ocean: a fascinating and necessary exhibition


  • "Ocean, an unusual dive" is presented at the Great Gallery of Evolution a place we love and that fascinates children. A must for family in Paris!
  • The exhibition plunges us into the depths of the ocean, a territory that covers 71% of the Earth's surface and which shelters an immense biodiversity still unknown.
  • The purpose of this exhibition is to raise awareness of the richness of the marine environment and us warn about the threats that human activities pose on him.
  • It's an exciting visit.
  • We first discover the technological challenges to reach the depths of the ocean. Film, games reflect technological prowess. It's really very well done.
  • Then we discover the unsuspected life of the very great depths : microscopic life of the plankton, fauna of the icy waters of the Southern Ocean ...
  • We end up with spectacular and mythical animals such as giant squid or regalec


Ocean, exposition jusqu'au 5 janvier 2020 à la Grande Galerie de l'Evolution
faune des grandes profondeurs présentée à l'exposition Océan de la Grande Galerie de l'Evolution

Practical information:

Practical information

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  • Every day from 10 am to 6 pm (except Tuesdays)
  • Closed on January 1st, May 1st and December 25th

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