Exhibition at the Pompidou Center


  • WE LOVE : very complete and exceptional panorama on cubism
  • AGE: for all, from 6 years old in free visit. Family workshops from 2 years old
  • DATE: exhibition over
  • LOCATION:  Center Pompidou (Paris 4th)

Cubism: a major exhibition at the Pompidou Center

  • Braque, Picasso, Léger, Gris, Delaunay...
  • The Centre Pompidou offers a new crossing and a complete panorama of Cubism (1907-1917).
  • Right here  more than 300 works presented in a chronological way.
  • Magnificent exhibitionThe subject is rarely discussed, mainly because of the cost of insurance and the difficulty of obtaining loans.
  • A major exhibition.

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Practical information

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  • The museum is open every day except Tuesday and May 1st from 11am to 9pm.
  • Nocturne on Thursdays until 11pm for the temporary exhibitions on the 6th floor.

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