Exhibition at the Expo Lafayette Drouot Center
  • WE love : an exhibition that will delight Star Wars fans
  • Age : for everyone
  • Duration: until May 5
  • Location: Centre Expo Drouot Lafayette (Paris 9e)
Star Wars, exhibition idea for the whole family

Expo Fans against attack: "To visit it you have to"!

  • An exhibition unusual
  • Your children  are gonna love it,
  • It's a nice idea for a kid's night out.
  • 600 pieces collectors of the saga, from the largest private collection in Europe
  • From episode to episode, from planet to planet, we discover 600 impressive pieces that are for most of them unique in the world. They all belong to a Spanish fan who has been building up this collection for about 30 years.
  • The exhibition "Fans Against Attack" was elected "best exhibition of the year" by a jury of of internet users
  • The exhibition starts naturally with C-3PO and R2-D2, then everything is there, we will not enter in detail !
  • Each object exhibited is accompanied by an identity card, including the cult typography, the planet, the size size, the species, the main line and the episodes where the character appears.
  • This exhibition takes place in a brand new Parisian venue near the Grands Boulevards

exhibition for Star Wars fans in Paris

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