- An escape game in the heart of ancient Egypt -
Top family fun!
Until June 30, 2024

Ie strongly advise you to buy your tickets in advance. Time-stamped tickets per 30-minute session

  • WE love An Escape Game in the company of actors, to discover the fascinating world of the pharaohs
  • Age for all : children, teensfor adults!
  • duration 1 hour minimum
  • When until June 30, 2024
  • Where at Galeries Montparnasse (22 rue du départ - Paris 15th) Montparnasse district
  • Opening :
    • Weekends and school vacations zone C from 10h00 to 17h30
  • Free of charge for children under 4 years old

An immersive experience, designed as an Escape Game

  • The same team that designed the major exhibitions Tutankhamun  in 2019 and Ramses in 2023 at La Villette
  • Building on these successes, the "Tutankhamun - The Pharaonic Immersive Experience" exhibition is designed as a fun escape game with video-mapping and latest-generation LEDs
  • These hyper-efficient processes lead the youngest children to tackle a dramatized story of which they become the heroes in a 3000m space2
  • What's more, this expedition is scientifically supervised by a great archaeologist and Egyptologist and replica objects are reproduced by the Workshops at the Cairo Museum

Discovering the Pharaohs' most famous treasure

  • In the Montparnasse district, for February break and spring break
  • The Allânkhamon pharaonic immersive experience takes us into a great archaeological adventurefun and educational for the whole family
  • The adventure takes the form of a Escape Game a pharaonic immersive experience spread over more than 3,000 m2!
  • Apprentice explorers join the team of Howard Carter, the famous archaeologist who discovered Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922.
  • With the help ofa map and riddles immerse yourself in a unique, life-size replica of Toutankhâmon's tomb
  • Actors accompany you throughout this escape game. They put you in situations, give you clues ...
  • You'll have to cross 4 rooms labyrinthsgo through the antechamber and the annex with its painted walls
  • and look forward to the mysteries of the journey to the afterlife...
  • But ... only the sesame will open the doors of the room where thehe most fabulous funerary treasures of all times
  • During this escape game, you can admire a collection of over 1,000 objects faithfully reproduced in the Cairo Museum Workshops
  • It's a great way to discover the funerary treasure of the mythical pharaoh
  • This monumental adventure will leave you with stars in your eyes.
  • The Egyptian Kingdom of the Dead and celestial mysteries are among the themes still adored by children.
  • and thanks to the riddles, you can learn a lot about funerary rites, the gods and daily life in Egypt.
Tutankhamun the Pharaonic Immersive Experience

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