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The Forbidden Experience

  • WE LOVE : a bluffing mentalism show
  • AGE: from 8 years old
  • DATE: from 24/09/2022 to 25/09/2022
  • DURATION: 1h20
  • LOCATION: Théâtre Trévise (Paris 9e)
  • 3rd show of the young 26 year old mentalist, Léo Brière
  • It is amazing and bluffing, as always with good mentalism shows
  • This time, it is an unprecedented journey in the human brain, which man would use only 10 % of its capacities
  • The Forbidden Experiment, refers to an experiment conducted secretly in the 70s, whose goal was to release the full potential of a human being
  • The public participates and is enthusiastic
  • An all-audience show that makes you come out smarter!
  • Duration of the show : 1h20
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