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The EXPO "Picasso and the comic strip

  • WE LOVE : discover a little-known aspect of Picasso
  • AGE: for all from 5 years old
  • LOCATION: Picasso Museum
Picasso and the comic strip

The Picasso and the Comic Strip exhibition: a surprising exhibition!

  • We thought we knew everything about Picasso! He was known for his paintings and cubism in particular, but... we discover, at the Picasso Museumhis surprising relationship with comics.
  • "Picasso and the Comic Strip" is the first exhibition devoted to the links between the work of Pablo Picasso and the world of comics. We learn that Picasso was impregnated with the 9th art, which he had discovered thanks to his friend Gertrude Stein.
  • Divided into two parts, the exhibition shows that Picasso loved comics, that he tried them out and that he had a considerable influence on comic strip artists. 
  • The first rooms show the painter's passion for comics.  We discover his weekly readings with his friend and patron Gertrude Stein of Pim Pam Poum by Rudolph Dirks. We also learn that Picasso tried his hand at comics and that he produced at least two real comics.
  • The second part of the exhibition presents the influence of Picasso on comics. His influence is very great and the number of works exhibited is impressive proof of this. While admiring the plates ofHergéGotlib, Geluck, Spiegelman... and many others, we appreciate the diversity and impact that Picasso and his creations have had on the world.
  • In the end, a different exhibition of the more traditional ones, which should appeal to a young audience. While some may be disappointed by the lack of Picasso paintings in this exhibition, they can always visit the museum's permanent collections after the show.

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