The new exhibition of the Musée en Herbe (in the 1st district) - For all audiences
  • WE LOVE : a very original and interactive exhibition
  • AGE: for all
  • DATE until October 10, 2021
  • PLACE at the Musée en Herbe (in the 1st district)
the For Ever Play exhibition at the Musée en Herbe

For Ever Play, an exhibition where children become actors

  • About 40 works of the artist Asdrubal Colmenarez are exposed at the museum in Grass
  • The works presented are made to be transformed, deformed, reinvented ... according to the imagination and creativity of each. The child is an actor throughout the course
  • It is an exhibition that we look at otherwise than with the eyes
  • You drag the elements to change the perspective. You create a painting using your fingers thanks to the iron powder
  • We play billiards with rebellious and unruly balls that attract or repel each other. The goal is not to win but to play!
  • The children will throw small metal sponges (the ones used to clean our pots and pans) that will never fall down

The artist Asdrubal Colmenarez

  • Asdrubal Colmenarez is an eternal child. He creates while having fun. His works are never finished and they are made to be touched.
  • He glues, paints, uses magnets, recycles, sculpts, glues and gives life to materials
  • Venezuelan of origin and Parisian of adoption for a very long time, he exhibits all over the world, works at home in his studio in the 19th arrondissement or in Tenerife
  • Dyslexic and colorblind, his first work was a giant alphabet whose letters constitute a polysensory alphabet.
  • He was kind enough to let himself be photographed during our visit to the budding museum!

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Practical information

View schedule details - Every day from 10am to 7pm - Nocturne on Thursday until 9pm - Closed on December 25 and January 1

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