Exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Art and History

EXHIBITION "Adolfo Kaminsky, Forger and Photographer

  • WE LOVE : an exhibition of great humanity about an exceptional man in dark times 
  • AGE: for all, from 10 years old
  • DATE: until April 22, 2020
  • RATE : FREE: for all
  • LOCATION: Museum of Jewish Art and History (Paris 4th)

Adolfo Kaminsky exhibition at the Museum of Jewish Art and History

  • Exciting exhibition about an exceptional man.
  • Adofo Kaminsky is a genius forger, thanks to whom hundreds of people have been saved.
  • Joined the Resistance at the age of seventeenThanks to his skills as a chemist, he became an expert in the creation of false papers during the German occupation.
  • For 30 years, he'll be a forgerAfter the war, he supported Algerian independence fighters, South American revolutionaries and Third World liberation movements, as well as opponents of the dictatorships in Spain, Portugal and Greece.
  • After the war, passionate about photography, he took thousands of pictures, in which he captured a world of flea markets in Saint-Ouen and the neon lights of Pigalle, where workers, clandestine lovers, second-hand goods dealers, real or fake models, bearded lice wandering around?
  • The exhibition shows his life as a forger, some of his photographs and presents a fascinating report on a man of great humanity.
  • FREE exhibition for all.

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