At the Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet
  • WE love : the refinement of this beautiful exhibition and understand the history of manga
  • Or : at the Musée Guimet - Place Iéna, Paris 16th arrondissement
  • Age : from 5 years
  • When: until March 25, 2024
  • Free of charge Under 26s (EU nationals) and on the 1st Sunday of each month
  • Opening Every day except Tuesday
  • Closing Tuesdays, May 1, December 25 and December 1st January
  • schedule 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • To know more The ticket includes access to the permanent collections, exhibitions and the Hôtel Heidelbach.

Guided family tours of the Musée Guimet

Enter the Court of Prince Genji ... 1000 years of Japanese imagination

It's a fascinating, beautiful exhibition, featuring all the themes of traditional Japan that have so inspired artists.

  • At the heart of the fabulous Musée Guimet, the exhibition invites us to dream of the Japan of the imperial court around the influence of a seminal novel, "The so-called Genji".
  • We're soon immersed in the Heian era (794-1185) and its courtly art.
  • This was a unique period of freedom for women in Japanese history, when the arts and literature were promoted.
  • "The Tale of Genji" was born in this context. It is considered one of the most important stories in Japanese culture.
  • Written in XIth century by the poet Murasaki Shikibu, it has generated for a thousand years an extremely rich iconography that influenced even contemporary mangaka
  • The novel recounts the life of one of these imperial princes, an extraordinary beauty, poet and charmer of women.
  • All the ingredients of romance are present: There's the courtesan, the unrepentant seducer, the fascination of power, the different social classes, money, and even the scorned wife and jealous husband...
  • The exhibition shows the influence of this novel on creativity: printsThe range includes fabrics, kimonos, sculptures, paintings and precious objects, including the lacquer boxes of an illustrious collector ... Marie-Antoinette!
  • Gold lacquer, silk, mother-of-pearl and silver inlays ... everything is refinement
  • To continue, a whole room - undoubtedly the favorite of our teens - is devoted to animated films and the presentation of mangas that still inspire artists to tell this story in the 21st century
  • The second part focuses on Itarô Yamaguchi (1901-2007), a master weaver from Kyoto's Nishijin district. Here, we discover the meticulousness of the 4 rolls he for 30 years and again on the theme of "The so-called Genji". A jewel on display for the first time

Around the exhibition for children and families

  • Ages 4 and up - "Workshop: from art to yoga - Explore the museum's collections and become more aware of your body, by combining the works of art with fun, relaxing yoga postures!
  • Before age 6 -Musical awakening Chong Chong Fei"A first musical awakening in front of the museum's works to listen to the sounds of Asia and discover nursery rhymes from China, India and Vietnam. A melodious and joyful journey (duration: 1h)
  • In family : Ports of call offer an à la carte tour of the permanent collections, offering a choice of tour styles (poetic, humorous, observational, etc.) and cultural areas in very short, family-friendly formats
  • From 7 years – “Open books, three fireflies between the pages!"Children's books to read and discover with a mischievous reader as you travel to Asia between pictures and words (duration 1h).
  • Ages 7 to 12 - "Atelier : Expression manga - A vos crayons !"All the graphic tricks of the mangaka: this workshop weaves together traditional and popular Japanese art. Parents are not permitted to accompany children to this workshop.
  • Ages 6 and up - Karuta, a game of tales of the four seasons".on Sunday afternoon February 11 - a show for young audiences at the auditorium during the school vacations. A show by Isabelle Genlis and Fumie Hihara
  • Ages 7 and up: "Waka, Japanese poems - an artistic initiation and collective creation for all, in the heart of the permanent collections. (duration 1h)
  • Child with 1 adult – “Family workshop Secret messages from Japan"A creative workshop to forge links and imagine secret messages as in Japan
At the court of Prince Genji. 1000 years of Japanese imagination

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