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Special course for children from 6 to 9 years old

school and summer camps: for children from 6 years old

The Escape Game "The Secrets of the Covered Passages" (children's trail)

  • To make the children discover the galleries and passages, magnificent Parisian heritage. The Grand Boulevards : the teams will stroll along the Grands Boulevards to discover the emblematic monuments of the district (the Verdeau passage, the magnificent Galerie Vivienne, the Panoramas passage or Colbert).
  • Objective of the Escape Game Join the guide in a given time by solving the riddles related to the history of the passages covered.
  • This game will develop their sense of observation, orientation, logical and team building
  • The youngsters are divided into teams of max. 6. (4 teams max.) - Mandatory presence of at least one adult per team
  • Materials provided a map, a tablet and a book for adults, and a booklet for children
  • The children will keep their booklet after the Escape Game.
  • the guide will be able to give you a little help if you are lost or stuck.

Useful information

  • Number of young people : up to about 24 young people for an outing
  • Duration of the Escape Game: 1h30 (including 15 minutes of presentation)
  • Distance traveled : about 2km
  • Course : from the Grands-Boulevards to the Comédie Française (3 or 4 covered passages depending on the route)
  • Meeting place : at 7, bd Montmartre (Grands Boulevards metro station)
  • For children from 6 to 9 years old
  • Companions: presence of at least one adult per team

A very nice Escape Game

  • An original Escape Game in atypical places
  • This is a very fun outing, outdoors but ideal in autumn or winter. Part of the Escape Game takes place in the covered passages, so in part it is sheltered.
  • It's very playful, like all Escape Games with the cultural dimension in addition. We discover a unique Parisian heritage while having fun.
  • This game develops the sense of orientation and observation in the youngest children.

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