Discover the Montmartre district while having fun

escape game ado à Montmartre

Practical Information & Rates

-10% discount with code FAMILINPROMO
  • 72€ instead of 80 € for a group of 2 to 6 people (regardless of the number of participants)
  • Duration of the Escape Game: 1h30 (including 15 minutes of presentation)
  • Distance traveled : about 2km
  • Meeting place : subway station Abbesses
  • With pre-teens (from 10 years old) and teens

The escape-game "The mysteries of Montmartre"

The objective

  • The purpose of this Escape Game is to make discover Montmartreits country spirit, its secrets, its mysteries to pre-teens and teens in a playful way. 
  • You will walk in the charming village of Montmartre, its small streets and stairs.
  • You will emerge from this Escape Game, enriched and unbeatable on the secrets of a district of Paris, full of charm and authenticity.

The Escape Game

  • Join the guide in a given time ( 70mn top chrono). To get there, you'll have to solve clues and mysteries along the way. 
  • It is a team game (max 6 people per team) with the obligatory presence of an adult if the group consists of minors.
  • It's a very fun outing.

You will use your brainpower, your sense of observation and orientation and your logic.

For this escape-game, you will have at your disposal:

  • a map, a tablet and a book for adults
  • your mobile phone to be reached by your guide if needed
  • the guide will be able to give you a little help if you are lost or stuck.

WARNING (notice to small cheaters): your mobile will not be of any use to you to solve the puzzles (too fastoche). You will not find the answers to the riddles, they are much too subtle for Google ...

découvrir Montmartre en s'amusant avec cet escape game en extérieur

❤ Why we love this Escape Game

  • It's an idea from nice family outing
  • It is rare an escape-game within the reach of the youngest
  • It's very playful, like all Escape Game with the cultural dimension and more. We discover Montmartre while having fun
  • This game develops the sense of orientation and observation
  • A formula of Escape Game ideal for claustrophobic and for all those who dread to stay locked between 4 walls for 1h

un escape game en exterieur avec un ado

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ideal age for children? From 10/12 years old
  • Can we cancel the Escape Game if we have an impediment? You will find the conditions of cancellation on the site of our partner (click on BOOK)
  • Can teens do it alone? No, the presence of one adult per group is mandatory if the other participants are minors
  • And if it's raining? Ponchos are available to participants



Hello we are a family of 4 l Escape Game we are really tempted ms our children are 18 and 19 years this Escape Game also for us ???
Thank you

Logo Familin'Paris
Agnes Team Familin'Paris

Good evening, yes, no problem, he's made for you too. This course was designed for teenagers and adults. In fact, we also offer and organize it for single adults. Have a great evening!

I've done this course with five 12-year-old boys. They loved it and so did I. It's very well thought out. Orienteering plus passwords not hard to find. The guide sends clues. The map of the neighborhood (lent by the guide) is very important to get your bearings. If you don't know Montmartre, the arrival requires an effort of reflection in relation to the clues. Otherwise, it's obvious. The route is a series of really interesting places. A thousand bravo to the designer. I won't go to Montmartre again without thinking about this adventure.


I want to reserve an escape game for my daughter who will be 11 years old in January. She thinks to invite from 12 to 14 people. How to do ? Thank you for your reply Good day Raphaëlle

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Agnes Team Familin'Paris

Hello, each team consists of 6 players max. We can go up to 7 exceptionally but the more participants there are, the more the game may lose its interest, for solving puzzles. The goal is that all children or teenagers find their place in the game Depending on the number of guests, you will book 2 or 3 Escape Games. There must be at least 1 adult with each team. Do not hesitate to call me if it is not clear. Good Sunday.

interested to offer this adventure to my 13 year old daughter for her birthday with her 3 friends, we would be 2 adults and 4 teenagers + 1 child of 7 years who would only follow us without necessarily participating in the enigmas. so 7 people in total ... is this a concern?
thank you for your reply
Best regards

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Agnes Team Familin'Paris

You can book this Escape Game with the little girl without any problem. Have a good day

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Agnes Team Familin'Paris

Hello, you do not necessarily need to be 6. Your team will be in this case made up of 3 participants. Knowing that the proposed rate is for a group of 1 to 6 people. Agnès de Familin'Paris

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