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  • WE love : the originality, the humor, the virtuosity of this contemporary circus troupe
  • Age : for all, from 10 years old
  • Duration: from November 28 to December 21, 2018
  • Location: Theater of the 13th Art (Paris 13th)

The circus Eloize is one of our favorite circus companies. Quebec circus known as "contemporary", the circus Eloize, created in 1993, is characterized by his humor, his poetry, his originality and of course his virtuosity. He is famous for his really spectacular numbers: Cyr wheel, straps, Korean board, hand-to-hand, Chinese pole and jugglers. All staged in a very humorous and original way. In our opinion, a show of quality not to be missed. Ideal with children from 10 years. The younger ones may prefer the traditional circus.

For the show SALOONCirque Éloize is inspired by the legacy of the American Wild West. It takes as a backdrop Far West America at the time when the SALOON becomes theater of stories and crazy situations. It is the pretext for Cirque Éloize to revisit with jubilation Wild West imagery and colorful characters (the player, the stranger, the sheriff, the dancer, the keeper ...). Behind the casement doors of the Saloon d'Eloize, a dozen characters get ready to chain together the most outrageous situations, to the sound of folk music. Thus the beauty of the saloon turns heads, the cowboys solve their duels with acrobatic acrobatics ... The music of American folk very present in this show, gives it the tunes of western cabaret. A show of 1:30 to see family absolutely.

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