Sunday, March 31 and Monday, April 1, 2024

The biggest egg hunt in Ile-de-France takes place in Thoiry Park

  • When Sunday, March 31 and Monday, March 1st april 2024
  • schedule from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Age : For 3/11 year olds
  • Rate : Free hunting + Entrance ticket price
  • 20,000 coloured eggs hidden throughout the 50-hectare park over two days

The rule of the game is simple:

These are eggs of all colors hidden along the Park's walkways (outside the animal enclosures, of course).

  • for 3/5 year-olds 4 different coloured eggs to find
  • for 6/11 years 8 different coloured eggs to find
  • Bonus: large eggs are hidden with surprise prizes!
  • Appointments at Camp des Yourtes (until 4pm): exchange eggs for chocolate

To participate :

  • all you need is a day ticket for Thoiry ZooSafari
  • The Egg Hunt is free with Thoiry Zoo Safari admission.
  • The eggs are hidden only in the area defined on the map. Do not enter the animal enclosures!
  • The egg hunt is for children only, but they must be accompanied by an adult.

Entertainment and surprises:

  • Surprises for the animals! For the occasion, the animal caretakers concocted bells filled with fish for the otters, meat juice for the wildcats and delicacies for the maki-cattas!
  • and watch them enjoy themselves as they stroll by.
  • For bird lovers, rare real eggs will be on sale for the benefit of a bird conservation association.
  • You'll be able to buy magnificent ostrich eggs, emu eggs and even, for the most discerning collectors, cassowary eggs!

The Zoo Safari of Thoiry, it is...

  • is a unique space for see animals
  • The domain of Thoiry includes a magnificent ZOO of 90 hectares with more than 750 animals and an SAFARI zone, huge space where animals live in freedom

Undated tickets, valid for 1 year
Tickets valid every day except holidays

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