In an educational farm
The original release for see animals in Ile de France.
The visit of an organic dairy donkey farm: a unique place in Ile de France and totally out of the ordinary.
An original outing that will please children!

asinerie francilianes : Visit of a donkey farm (Asinerie Franciliane)

WE love :  the passion and dynamism of Emilie who raises these dairy donkeys with the greatest respect for the animals and nature
 great exit:   a playful and educational visit in a beautiful setting
 SMALL BUDGET :   low cost visits for families

 Warning:   it is forbidden to feed the donkeys. There is no walking on the donkeys: it is an educational farm and a breeding of organic dairy donkeys.


Fun visits (conference) at the Asinerie Francilianes about donkeys and the farm

  • The visit includes a detailed presentation of the operation, a encounter with animals (which can be brushed and caressed) in their plots, a milking demonstration and the tasting of the so precious organic donkey milk.
  • The fascinating visit lasts from 1h30 to 2h approximately
  • It is imperative to make a reservation. See here for calendar and reservation (cancellation if less than 10 people)
  • PRICES 5? for adults and 3? for children under 12 years old

The free visit of the Asinerie Francilianes and the Parc des Bordes

  • Free visit of the ranch
  • Stroll and picnic in the Bordes departmental park, open every day of the week as well as weekends and holidays from 8:00 am to dusk.
  • Games for children and fitness trail.
  • Loan of balls, rackets, mini-golf clubs on weekends only


Practical information

See schedule details Every day for free visits, from 8 am to nightfall


I would like to come to your educational farm with my family
Are you open Monday, February 22, 2021 and Tuesday, February 23, 2021?
What are the opening and closing hours?
Is the location suitable for a stroller?
Can we pay on the spot?
Do I have to book in advance?
Thank you for your answer
Yours sincerely

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Agnès Team Familin'Paris

Hello, I answered you by mail. Like all places that welcome the public, the Asinerie is also closed until further notice due to the sanitary situation!

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