The river shuttle to move on the Seine
You can get on and off as you like at the 9 stops of your choice
It's a bus boat!
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Batobus Paris

  • The Batobus is a shuttle on the Seine which allows to move from a tourist place to another on the same principle as the Tootbus
  • 9 bus stations : Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, Saint-Germain des Prés, Our Lady, Garden of plantsCity Hall, LouvreChamps-Elysées, Beaugrenelle
  • The complete loop on the Seine takes approximately 2 hours
  • Unlike a cruise in a Bateau Mouche in Paris which lasts 1 hour without stopping, with Batobus you can get on and off as you like at the stops of your choice. It's a bus boat!
  • The boats are of course panoramicequipped with terrace and of heating
  • Non-exchangeable, non-refundable tickets

Schedules and information

  • Batobus circulates :
    • Until April 1st 11:40 am to 6:30 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • April 2 - April 14 10am to 7pm; every day
    • April 15 - September 4 10am to 9:30pm; daily
  • 1st indicated departure is from the Eiffel Tower
  • Last departure indicated always from the Eiffel Tower

Good plan, save by buying 2 attractions at the same time

1 and 2 day passes

  • The passes are valid for 1 day or 2 consecutive days
  • Batobus is free for children under 2 years old
  • Unlimited number of trips over the period of your choice (1 or 2 consecutive days)
  • You can repeat the same trip several times
  • The child rate applies to children from 3 to 15 years old
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Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Very good course
Written by WAYACK Marie-Marthe, on 05-09-2022

The children were happy with the welcome and the crew.

Star Star Star Star Star - Practical solution
Written by Toni Heller , 16-08-2022

Unser Stadtbesuch war bei den hohen Temperaturen gut durchzuführen durch die Nutzung des Batobus. Empfehlenswert.

Star Star Star Star Star - Lamentable
Written by juliette DEHAENE, on 29-07-2022

The tickets bought on the website must be exchanged at the ticket office because the qr code cannot be scanned on the boat. 30 minutes in the sun with 3 children. Then the ticket office closes! Again 30 minutes and then 30 minutes because the boat is full. All this to be crammed on a boat IN THE SUN again. Lousy.

Star Star Star Star Star - batobus
Written by FLORENCE BOISCOMMUN, on 11-07-2022

We used the Batobus with the pass at the end of June. Very good, pleasant, practical, excellent transport to visit the monuments of Paris along the Seine as well as the stops where you can disembark and well organized service.

Star Star Star Star Star - batobus trip on the weekend of the Ascension
Written by Cécile Puma, on 12-06-2022

Very good stay, a lot of people that day but the service is practical and the staff welcoming

Star Star Star Star Star - DAMAGE
Written by LOUIS PRATS, on 10-06-2022

IT'S A PITY THAT YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE TICKET OFFICE WHEN WE HAD BOUGHT OUR TICKETS BY INTERNET. Unnecessary wait standing up (two handicapped people), but otherwise lovely staff and nice ride even when you don't want to get off .......

Star Star Star Star Star - We in family
Written by Nathalie Martin, 16-01-2022

Very friendly crew

Star Star Star Star Star - Disappointing. Prefer a cruise
Written by vanessa makda, on 13-08-2020

The batobus, with its glass walls, does not allow the children to feel on the water. They don't feel the breeze or even the smell of the river. The only smell is that of the engine, at the back of the boat, which is unfortunately the only place where they can enjoy the sensation of being on the water, but standing up. The seats are uncomfortable, it is difficult to find a place in the shade and the children get sick very quickly in these conditions. The person who announces the stops is a very nice man but he has such a strong Italian accent and such a diction (similar to the stewardesses who learn by heart their text in English) that we do not understand at all what he says. In short, a very disappointing experience; it was my almost 3 year old daughter who asked me to leave the boat after only 3 stops! Prefer a real cruise.

Star Star Star Star Star - To be redone
Written by Rose, on 27-02-2020

To do again with the children

Star Star Star Star Star - The very pleasant day
Written by Jacek Barszczewski on 06-09-2019

Everything was very good. No difficulties during the booking, nor during the trip on the boat. Yes, after this very pleasant day I recommend this activity and the site.

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