Discover the dark side of the city of light - From 12 years old
the "Paris of Crime" guided tour
#ado #family #insolite
an unusual guided tour on the island of the city
#ado #family #insolite

The guided tour "The Paris of crime

  • Brrrrrrrrrr, things were happening in the capital ! There was a time when Paris was the favorite playground of many brigands, thugs and other thieves! Narrow and dark alleys, cut-throat dead ends... 
  • Major criminal cases have marked this era. Paris witnessed many executions
  • Discover them with a passionate and exciting guide which will make you relive this dark period of the history of Paris.
  • You will tread with him the cobblestones of Paris, he will tell you incredible anecdotes
  • real history lesson with this unusual and original walk on the Left Bank of Paris

Tarifs and information

-10% with code FAMILINPROMO

  • Adult rate 13,50€ instead of 15 €
  • Child rate (-12 years old) : 6,75€ instead of € 7.50
  • Free for children under 4
  • 20 to 25 participants max. by group  

  • duration : 1h30 of walk and a course of approximately 2km
  • District : a tour of the historical center of Paris Left Bank
  • Meeting place : under the arcades next to the café "Le Rive Gauche" (metro Saint Michel, exit "Fontaine Saint Michel", line 4 or RER C) ..
  • In French

Birthdays, privatization, EVGJ, EVG, rallies, schools

  • For the birthday of your ado, you can book this guided tour (the presence of an adult is required if it is a group of minors), IT'S HERE
  • For a privatization or a Rally, IT'S HERE
  • For schools (primary level), leisure centers, associations, QUOTE REQUEST
Find the list of our reviews
Star Star Star Star Star - Enjoy your family visit
Written by Donald B, 03-05-2024

Very interesting tour. Very pleasant guide, erudite, humorous and generous in her interaction with the public.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fantastic! Do it again!
Written by Labeille, 30-04-2024

Great visit! A passionate guide who passed on his passion. Can't wait for the next tour. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Star Star Star Star Star - Visit with child aged 10
Written by Laetitia, 09-04-2024

A great time and, above all, very instructive. My 10-year-old daughter enjoyed it too!

Star Star Star Star Star - We recommend
Written by Sandrine, 08-03-2024

We really enjoyed this guided tour, especially my 12-year-old daughter. We recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - A fascinating and unusual visit
Written by Marie, 24-02-2024

Very good guide, passionate about his subject, not stingy with anecdotes and details for the enjoyment of the group. We weren't spoiled by the weather, and despite the rain and cold, our guide of the day was as energetic as ever. Crimes and scurrilous tales of the old Paris, this tour plunged us into the dark Paris of the time. Super souvenir

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting and chilling
Written by Aurélien, 12-11-2023

A tour that takes over an hour and a half to visit a variety of unexpected places. The anecdotes are enlightening and allow you to discover a Paris of different eras from a little-known angle. A good experience.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great visit
Written by Evelyne, on 30-10-2023

A visit chosen with my daughter for its promise of thrills and original discovery of central Paris. We were not disappointed by the anecdotes and portraits of famous criminals distilled with humor and erudition by our guide (I skipped the first name - visit on 10/25 at 5:30pm). By the time the tour was over, it was evening and our imaginations were running wild. We recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime: a must-see Paris tour!
Written by Loà "zia, 28-10-2023

Our guide took us back in time through some of Paris's darkest stories. A fascinating tour!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very friendly and fascinating guide!
Written by Mireille Sekely, on 30-09-2023

There were 4 of us, including 2 very demanding Parisians, and we really enjoyed our visit. Our guide (just for the 4 of us) kept us interested and enthralled with various anecdotes. What's more, he's very friendly, cordial and smiling, which didn't spoil anything!

Star Star Star Star Star - Good
Written by Blas, on 26-09-2023

Interesting tour with a passionate guide Nice discoveries and anecdotes

Star Star Star Star Star - Top
Written by Michel , 18-09-2023

Julien was really great. We learned a lot...

Star Star Star Star Star - A fascinating visit
Written by Ludivine L, 23-08-2023

Excellent visit. I went with my children aged 10 & 15. Perfectly adapted to everyone, a fascinating guide who listens and masters his subject. Keen to discover other tours! An excellent time.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Magali M, 03-08-2023

Excellent tour The guide was very knowledgeable and interesting. A must-see, especially since the price is affordable

Star Star Star Star Star - Excellent discovery
Written by Agnès, 24-07-2023

My 13-year-old daughter and I really enjoyed this unusual tour of Paris. We'll definitely be doing it again, as it's just as instructive a change from museums!

Star Star Star Star Star - The perfect guide!
Written by DE BRUYNE, on 23-07-2023

my 15-year-old son and I loved this themed tour of Paris. The guide was fascinating, available and extremely pleasant.

Star Star Star Star Star - tour of paris du crime
Written by cailmail, 16-07-2023

very pleasant visit with a fascinating guide ????

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Bernat y vicens christine, 07-07-2023

Friendly, dynamic guide. The children loved it and discovered many anecdotes with a cultured and cheerful guide. Bravo

Star Star Star Star Star - very interesting
Written by Jade, 26-06-2023

We learned a lot on the walk. There were also supporting photos that gave even more information. I recommend it for crime buffs.

Star Star Star Star Star - excellent visit! top notch
Written by marie france, 13-06-2023

Mathieu is a guide who makes you travel, listens, very interesting! Thank you, I recommend this tour!

Star Star Star Star Star - An instructive stroll
Written by Céline and Laurent, 04-06-2023

Very interesting tour of St Michel aux Halles with a guide (Mathieu) who was very willing to answer questions, full of humor and able to captivate his audience. Make sure you're on time for the start.

Star Star Star Star Star - the paris of crime
Written by marie christine van den Bogaert, on 27-05-2023

accessible, sympathetic, punctual guide, visit having interested its public from 9 to 70ans

Star Star Star Star Star - visit to Paris du crime on Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Written by MR MME GODEFROY, on 24-05-2023

Very pleasant and interesting visit thanks to a very professional and friendly guide. We recommend this tour.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime.
Written by SOUBIE Marc, 02-05-2023

Very interesting visit thanks to our 2 friendly guides and their comments accompanied by supporting documents. Very available according to our needs. Many thanks to them both.

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect!
Written by Elodie, 24-04-2023

Very nice visit with Angeline! Thinking we were going to have a visit about crime as such, we were very pleased with this excursion! My 12-year-old stepson loved it too! A part of Paris that's still revealing its secrets...

Star Star Star Star Star - Supe visit
Written by Véronique, 22-04-2023

A very pleasant and rewarding visit. The guide was perfect and the places visited very interesting. Absolutely worth repeating.

Star Star Star Star Star - Nil
Written by Kessab, 18-04-2023

It's all in the title

Star Star Star Star Star - A must!
Written by Sabine GUEBLAN, 15-04-2023

A visit we made with 2 teenagers, who obviously looked blasé, but in the end, just like me, found the visit very interesting, and we didn't notice the hour and a half go by. Our guide Mathieu (I think??) was top-notch, apparently a history buff who transported us back in time. Go without hesitation.

Star Star Star Star Star - paris crime tour
Written by jcb, 08-04-2023

thank you for the visit

Star Star Star Star Star - Great guide
Written by Alain B, on 25-03-2023

A wonderful visit with a passionate guide

Star Star Star Star Star - We recommend
Written by Sandrine, 09-03-2023

We really enjoyed this guided tour, especially my 12-year-old daughter. We recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Michèle and Lucie, 05-03-2023

Very interesting visit with Bénédicte, a lively young woman who knows her subject inside out.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by David SAVERY , 02-25-2023

Marie Laure's strolls were very entertaining and full of anecdotes, thanks to her ability to make our stroll instructive. My teenagers and I were delighted.

Star Star Star Star Star - very interesting
Written by Virginie , on 07-02-2023

Great tour, very interesting, thanks to our guide!

Star Star Star Star Star - Le Paris du Crime on January 8
Written by Anne, 12-01-2023

Yes, I am satisfied. This guide was generous despite the bad weather. Perhaps a few anecdotes about major crimes would have been more memorable.

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice
Written by Geneviève, 11-01-2023

A fun and unusual visit! The rain unfortunately spoiled the fun a bit, but the guide had a spare umbrella 🙂

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting and recommended
Written by GARNIER, on 11-01-2023

Julien told us some horrific (but true) stories, with the necessary sense of humor and perspective! The route takes in a particularly attractive part of Paris. We learned a lot of anecdotes that will help us shine at future dinners 😉

Star Star Star Star Star - Great visit
Written by Gauliard, 05-01-2023

The tour was very interesting, the guide was great, we learned a lot! I highly recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - nice visit
Written by Chanteloup, 31-12-2022

A visit on an original theme that lived up to all its promises. A very interesting guide who introduced us to major court cases and to justice in Paris through history. Anecdotes and interludes along the way. The tour was justified by the guide, who was keen to create exchanges with the group and to be understood by the only child present. Thank you for a great time. I highly recommend this tour.

Star Star Star Star Star - Interesting visit
Written by Sylviane Six, 30-12-2022

Interesting tour of little-known streets and original information about Paris.

Star Star Star Star Star - Superb tour with a perfect guide!
Written by Ruelle Gérard , 18-12-2022

We were lucky enough to have an excellent time with a competent guide who was attentive to our needs. One word: perfect!

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Jeanne, 15-12-2022

A small tour (4 people) and a very accessible guide. Pleasant but not very comprehensive, I had a pleasant time but didn't really travel.

Star Star Star Star Star - the Paris of crime
Written by brigitte moreau, 05-12-2022

A very pleasant and instructive end to the afternoon. Our guide took us through some particularly frightening crimes in an unusual Paris. We all had a great time, young and old alike.

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Murielle , 06-11-2022

Very interesting and original visit with our guide Marie Laure. A varied tour of Ceime's Paris: stories of serial killers, discovery of buildings linked to crimes or executions, anecdotes¦ everyone was delighted with the visit: adults and teens alike.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very pleasant visit
Written by Marie et sandrine , 04-11-2022

The feeling of being tourists in our city. A rich and captivating one-and-a-half-hour tour. Another way to visit Paris. Thanks Elodie

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by BOSSU Lucie, 02-11-2022

A super original tour of Paris accompanied by our guide Angeline, who was as fascinating as she was passionate! We're still talking about it, I highly recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Anne, 29-10-2022


Star Star Star Star Star - Paris crime tour
Written by Chereau, 28-10-2022

A very pleasant visit under the Parisian sun. The guide is passionate and has a perfect command of his subject. Beautiful stories told that took us back in time.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great guided tour with Julien
Written by Alexia, 20-10-2022

Great guided tour in the heart of Paris! Julien shared his wealth of knowledge with us with passion and pedagogy. We'd definitely recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - An experience with a difference!
Written by Alexandra Steffen, 10-10-2022

Interesting tour of a historic district The speaker was very friendly, a good listener and had a pleasant tone. She told the stories well. Don't forget to wear shoes for the tour!

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Jean-Michel GICQUEL, 05-10-2022

Hello, Visited on Sunday, October 4. Excellent visit!

Star Star Star Star Star - Fascinating!
Written by DESNIER, 05-10-2022

A fascinating cultural experience with an involved guide who knows his stuff! That day we were only adults, but it would also be suitable for children aged 10 and over.

Star Star Star Star Star - Criminal extra!
Written by IZABELLE, on 23-09-2022

Under the guidance of "Paul", our little masked group set out to discover some of Paris' mysteries and crimes... A very pleasant tour from the left bank to the right, sprinkled with little anecdotes from the Great History, & sometimes a few miscellaneous facts! In short, it's a delight to be able to repeat these tours with your super guides!

Star Star Star Star Star - Culture and thrills
Written by Olivier, 23-05-2020

A fascinating tour with a guide as knowledgeable as he was invested. Stories and anecdotes, the kids (and teens) loved it. Can't wait to discover other tours and themes

Star Star Star Star Star - Hot and cold!
Written by Marie-Christine, 01-03-2020

Freezing cold is the weather on February 21! What's warmer are the stories told by our cultured, funny and unusual guide, illustrating the places we've visited. Reminders or discoveries of their history and even their near future (Quai des Orfèvres), as Julien tells us not only about crimes, but also about where and how they are judged and punished, depending on the era. We'll be glad to take this tour again... and the weather will be more conducive to cultural strolls!

Star Star Star Star Star - A visit full of surprises
Written by Hervé, on 29-02-2020

A big thank you to Julien for taking us on a journey into unknown, dark and surprising stories. A great time despite the bitter cold

Star Star Star Star Star - 1234 crime in paris?
Written by Gaelle, on 26-02-2020

very disappointed with the visit on Sunday February 25 at 5:30 pm. We had opted for a crime tour of Paris, but what we got was a tour of the history of Paris monuments, with a few anecdotes such as "where does the name chicken come from", two passages on the mad surgeon who gassed his victims, and the criminal François Ravaillac, tortured to death for his crime. I found that our guide didn't have a guiding line, he spread himself too thin for my liking and it was as if he was searching for his words "1,2,3,4". I was expecting to take a tour of the great sordid affairs and other sinister crimes, but in no case did I hear anything about brigands, the names of great criminals or the catacombs etc... In short, I was very disappointed, I didn't like it and the visit seemed like an eternity. I didn't pay for it and I'm asking for a refund.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fascinating!
Written by Axelle , on 27-01-2020

My boyfriend and I had a great private tour (5 other people didn't show up) with a super guide who was passionate and above all fascinating! We saw the Saint Michel and Châtelet districts from a whole new angle! Loads of juicy anecdotes and gloomy tales just the way we like them! Nothing to complain about....hate to try out the other guided tours on the site! Thanks again 🙂

Star Star Star Star Star - In the footsteps of Parisian serial killers
Written by Léonor D (via TripAdvisor), on 21-01-2020

A passionate guide took us on a tour of the Paris of Crime in the Latin Quarter... With historical anecdotes and a detailed knowledge of history's worst serial killers, we spent more than 1h30 enjoying the atmosphere between dog and wolf (5.30pm-7pm).

Star Star Star Star Star - Paris du crime
Written by Claire, 26-11-2019

An original subject wonderfully handled by a passionate man who takes us into his world through the lights of Paris.

Star Star Star Star Star - unusual visit
Written by Cellier, on 22-10-2019

Andreas was a very interesting guide. Friendly with an Italian accent, which is surprising for a visit to Paris. A must do

Star Star Star Star Star - Fascinating
Written by Jean Delsuc, on 19-10-2019

Instructive, fun, with a guide who knows how to share and communicate his passion.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very interesting visit
Written by Anaelle and Marie. on 10-12-2019

A very interesting visit and a guide who loves what he does! Even with an Italian accent, we understood perfectly what he was explaining, and he managed to transport us into his world effortlessly. A very pleasant moment, to be repeated with other themes.

Star Star Star Star Star - excellent visit
Written by jacobe , on 14-07-2019

a genial, passionate and fascinating guide i loved this visit to the city of paris which is normally known for being beautiful and cheerful but here we saw paris beautiful but sssooommbbrrreee

Star Star Star Star Star - a short journey into the world of crime
Written by leconte lionel, 10-07-2019

Many thanks to our Venetian guide Andréas for this very interesting visit. To be repeated with other subjects of visit.

Star Star Star Star Star - paris crimes
Written by Michèle Lescotet, 07-07-2019

I was with my grandson Tony and he really enjoyed it! I was with my grandson Tony and he really enjoyed it! plus the charm of the little streets and pretty squares that gave us a complete change of scenery! it was great! enjoy the tour! Michèle

Star Star Star Star Star - chills guaranteed
Written by JV, on 18-04-2019

Passionate and fascinating guide, fantastic! My 2 teenagers loved it! However, My Urban Experience should manage the groups better. This one was mixed (French/English) and the guide had to translate each time. As a result, the tour took longer than expected, and visitors tired of the translations left before the end. A real shame. It would be better to have 2 separate groups and not mix languages.

Star Star Star Star Star - Bravo
Written by Christelle , on 12-04-2019

Well done to our guide tonight (I think his first name is Paul!!) he's great he's fascinating and passionate! I loved

Star Star Star Star Star - Enjoy your visit
Written by Caroline, 26-01-2019

An excellent tour with a passionate guide who knows his subject inside out. I really enjoyed discovering all the anecdotes and unusual secrets hidden around Paris.

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