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A very impressive circus show, for lovers of strong sensations!
Age :  From the age of 8
Date:  Until January 4th
Location:   Théâtre Monfort (Paris 15th)

cirque la contrebande, le spectacle de cirque au théâtre Montfort à Paris cette saison

Willy Wolf: a circus show in homage to a crazy stuntman

  • The circus company "La Contrebande" explores the true story of Willy Wolf, an early 20th century stuntman and self-proclaimed "diving world champion".
  • With a seesaw, a diving board and a flying motorcycle...this show is for those who like to dive vertiginous and very strong sensations.
  • Like Willy Wolf, the acrobats of the Smuggling Company like risk... and attempt in their own way to answer the question "what is risk and technical prowess". Do you have to touch death to feel alive?
  • A circus show lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes.


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cirque à Paris au htéâtre Montfort

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