Romanes Circus

  • WE LOVE : a traditional Gypsy circus show
  • AGE :  from 4 years
  • DATE until April 28, 2024
  • HOURS at 4 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.
  • DURATION : 1h30
  • LOCATION:  Chapiteau Tsigane Romanès (Paris 16th)
  • KNOWLEDGE free for children under 3

Cirque Romanès presents its latest show, "Voyage Tzigane".

  • A different circus, a show off timea musical journey to the heart of the Gypsy world
  • More than a show, it's a party under the family tent
  • Contortiontrapeze, ribbon, hoop, tightrope, juggling and Balkan gypsy dances. All accompanied by beautiful live gypsy music
  • A great moment of colorful poetry and nostalgia shared
  • A 1h30 show, on-site catering available - for the public, possibility to arrive 1h30 before the show.

The press speaks about it

TELERAMAA dream circus
THE WORLDA great poetic moment
HUMANITYA must-see
LE FIGARO An unforgettable evening
LA CROIXSurprising and beautiful as a heartbeat
MEDIAPARTCirque Romanès stands for Gypsy culture and its values of brotherhood and sharing. The Romanes' Fury of Living

Practical information

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