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: A gypsy traditional circus show
Age :  for all, from 4 years old
Date:  Until January 3, 2021
Location:   Gypsy tent Romanes (Paris 16th)
Cirque traditionnel Romanès à Paris

Circus Romanes presents its latest show: "If you love me more ..."


  • A different circus, a show off time, the last Gypsy Circus in the world.
  • Around Alexandra, "The Trapezist of the Angels! ", it is the whole family in the broad sense of Romanès who is on track 
  • Funambulist, juggling, diamond hoops, gypsy musics and dances from the Balkans ... And even a cat who walks on the track and makes mistakes when he feels like it.
  • A great moment of poetry and nostalgia.
  • A 1h30 show


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