New circus
From November 9 to 26, 2022
circus show "The Gallery
Credit: W_Théberge

"The Gallery"

  • WE LOVE : amazing numbers, a frenzied rhythm, without forgetting humor and poetry
  • AGE for all, from 5 years old
  • DATES November 9 to 26, 2022 (including November 11)
  • HOURS Tuesday to Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 5pm
  • PRICES from 33€ to 48€
  • DURATION : 1h20
  • PLACELa Scala (Paris 10e)
acrobatics of the show la Galerie
Credit Emmanuel Burriel

The Gallery: the new show from the creators of "Machine de Cirque

  • We loved the show "Circus Machine"by the Quebec new circus company
  • "The Gallery" is their brand new show which met a great success during the Avignon festival
  • 7 detonating acrobats and an electrifying musician invade a museum and transform a monochrome exhibition into an explosion of colors
  • The feats (Chinese masts, juggling, unicycle...) follow one another at a frantic pace with a staggering virtuosity
  • A show of great creativity with surprising finds, without forgetting poetry and humor
  • "Machine de cirque" is one of the Quebec circuses that have achieved worldwide success as thehe Cirque du Soleil or the Eloize company or "the 7 fingers of the hand
  • A show of great quality, ideal for a family outing with children of all ages (from 5 years)

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