Concerts, shows, film-concerts, and animations around music
A great family moment!

Festival Chorus des Enfants 2023

  • WE LOVE : a nice family moment around music
  • AGE : for all from 2 years old
  • DATE: March 29, 2023
  • HOURS: from 9:45 am to 8 pm
  • DURATION : all day
  • LOCATION: la Seine Musicale (Boulogne 92)
Children's Chorus Festival 2023

Shows and musical animations for children on the program of this day "Chorus des Enfants

  • Pop, rock, funk, visual arts, song... !
  • Throughout the day, children will enjoy animations and workshops around music
  • With Aldebert and Ernest & Célestine (Ciné Concert) as headliners!
  • The program includes 10 shows for young audiences, poetic, joyful, comical and offbeat, most of which tell a story in music
  • On the themes of friendship, imagination and freedom (Little Mole, Nino and the stolen dreams), the subject of disability and self-acceptance (I am like that)

The program of animations :

  • Animorama with a playful course to play with the shapes and colors of animals;
  • FabLab " Mixage fou ", to listen to the strange sounds contained in the objects that surround us;
  • XXL disco course in an inflatable playground with lights and music;
  • Antique toy and photo exhibition 
  • Children's islands with games to awaken the senses and develop creativity;
  • Glitter and makeup booth with ecological glitter made from plants for a festive and colorful atmosphere;
  • PixMix exhibition and blind test to discover electronic music, to know everything about the history of this kind of music in which House, Techno, Transe, Drum & Bass are mixed...

The complete program :
The little mole
9:45 am - Petite Seine - From 2 years old - 35 minutes
This poetic and comical show, composed of four short films, features the little mole who lives in the middle of the forest surrounded by many animals. His curiosity and his joy of living lead him into incredible adventures which he faces with the help of his friends.

CY & JU - I am like that
From Traffix music
11:30 am - Petite Seine - From 3 years old - 35 minutes
"Je suis comme çà" is a musical show about a little wooden puppet who, despité his
disability, will accept himself as he is. During his journey, he will meet people who will change his way of seeing things. "A story of friendship, courage and self-confidence.

Mr Robinson & Saturday night
From Soul Béton
2pm - Petite Seine - From 6 years old - 45 minutes
"Robinson et Samedi soir" is a funk and hip-hop musical about a meeting between two characters that everything opposes. While Robinson tries to gain time, Samedi Soir is not afraid to lose time. This joyful musical tale questions with derision the relationship to others and to time.

Nino and the stolen dreams
With Laure Fréjacques, Benoît Crabos, Guillaume Martial or Cyril Crabos
15h45 - Petite Seine - From 8 years old - 45 minutes
Nino and the Stolen Dreams is about three children who face a city that steals children's dreams.
On stage, the instruments and musical styles are mixed, the songs with pop rock accents
speak of friendship, imagination, freedom... This show is an offbeat and poetic musical tale, joyful and lively.

From L'Armada production
10:30 am - Riffx - Ages 6 and up - 50 minutes
TILT! is a concert that brings the 80's back to life. In the middle of a child's bedroom, between the scattered puzzles, the radio cassette and the roller skates, the musicians reinvent the soundtrack of their childhood through a multicolored score that navigates between rock, electro and pop music!

The Cosmic Elevator
From Monsieur Lune
2pm - Riffx - Ages 6 and up - 50 minutes
Mister Moon signs and interprets an initiatory and poetic fable where the ecological emergency is at its
paroxysm. The Earth must disappear! The agent Mila, is thus sent to us to activate the
process of disappearance, and this is how she crosses the path of Anatole and Thiago. The three children will have the fate of the planet in their hands...

Francky goes to Pointe-à-Pitre
From AFX4:30 pm - Riffx-
From 6 years old - 45 minutes
In a tropical atmosphere, FGTPAP offer the unique opportunity of an original snack-concert and
warmth. The three Frankys are more than ever determined to bring together the three
aesthetics: to make the rockers dance and the headbangers headbang.

Rick the Cube - Towards a New World
From Sati
11 a.m. - Auditorium - Ages 7 and up - 50 minutes
It is through the adventures of Rick that this cinematographic and electro-acoustic concert unveils a surrealist universe carried by the poetry of images and soundscapes. In this futuristic odyssey, we discover this small cubic and mute character who sets out to pursue his family in a decimated planet.

- Ernest & Celestine
Orchestra The major forces
17h30 - Auditorium - From 5 years old - 1h 20minutes
This tender and dynamic film concert tells the story of the unlikely friendship between Ernest the bear and Celestine the mouse. Through this feature film, we discover universal themes such as friendship, tolerance, solidarity, celebration...

- Aldebert - Enfantillages 4
From The Wall of Dreams
19am - Grande Seine- From 7 years old - 1h 30 minutes
Aldebert and his musicians evolve in a poetic and dynamic setting. Aldebert tackles sensitive and current subjects such as homoparentality, the abusive use of new technologies or the protection of the environment, all in a skilful and humorous way.

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