2 options: at the workshop (94) or at the parents' home
baking workshop for children

A birthday party where the children become apprentice pastry chefs! We like the approach of Stéphanie, the animator, who is concerned with good and beautiful things: her preparations are pretty (she has an eye for detail) and the products used are of high quality and of the season. Right here, no artificial colorsEggs and milk are organic!

Formula n°1 : at home (Paris and Ile-de-France)

  • The formula includes : the pastry workshop (cookie or cupcake or tartlet? but not only) and the personalized birthday cake that is eaten while the preparations are cooking
  • Rate : 30? / child  (minimum 8 children)
  • Duration of service: 2 hours 
  • Ingredients and equipment are provided (including aprons and toques)

The workshops take place Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. And every day during school holidays

Formula n°2 : at the Workshop (in la Varenne-St-Hilaire in the 94)

  • The formula includes: 
    • pastry workshop (cookie or cupcake or tartlet? but not only)
    • the complete snack with drinks, candles) and thehe cake personalized birthday party made by Stéphanie
    • the children are equipped with toques and aprons
    • each child leaves with a little box containing their sweet creations, the recipe and a diploma
  • Prices  35? / child (minimum 8 children)
  • Duration of service: 3h
  • the small + If the weather allows it, hop hop hop to the garden for the workshop and the snack!
  • Ingredients and materials are provided (including aprons)

They take place WednesdaySaturdaySunday and every day during the school holidays)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the parents stay at the Atelier (94) during the birthday party?   Uh, no! It's just for the kids
  • Can we choose the type of cake to make?   We propose a choice of small cakes but if you have a specific request, no problem
  • How is the birthday party at home?   Stephanie arrives about 20 minutes beforehand to set up and prepare the table. And the workshop can begin
  • My child (or a guest) is allergic!   No problem, we manage and adapt
  • Can we do a gluten-free workshop?   Yes, just ask 
  • What do parents need to provide for the home workshop?   Nothing. Stephanie comes with her own equipment. Except for the oven to bake the cakes
  • Where is the workshop in the 94 ?   At the Varenne-St-Hilaire. We go by car or RER A 

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