An outdoor escape game in the garden of the castle of Nanterre - Duration 1 hour - For 7-13 years old

An escape game in augmented reality that plunges you into the end of the world. Will you be able to save the earth? You have 1 hour to face the challenges in team.

outdoor escape game in Nanterre

Rate of the escape game "The magic portal

Choose the date and time. We will confirm availability very quickly (response within a few hours). The transaction is debited only when the availability is confirmed.

  • 3 persons : 21€ / per person
  • 4 people : 19€ / per person
  • 5 persons : 16,50€ / per person
  • 6 persons and more : 14€ / per person
  • Add an additional 7€ per person for the anniversary package
the magic portal, the outdoor escape game

Practical information

  • It's a escape game in virtual reality unfolding outdoors
  • In the garden of the castle of Nanterre (92)
  • Duration of the game: 1 hour
  •  This is a game for families and children. Ideal for 7-13 years old
  • This treasure hunt takes place every day.
  • Summer hours (March 28 to October 31, 2021):
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ⇒ 12:00-10:00 p.m.
    • Saturday ⇒ 10am-10pm
    • Sunday ⇒ 10 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
  • Winter hours (from October 31 to March 27, 2022) :
    • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday ⇒ 12:00-6:00 p.m.
    • Saturday and Sunday ⇒ 2-6 p.m.
  • The success rate is 100%

"The magic portal": the outdoor escape game, for 7-13 year olds

An augmented reality treasure hunt, a top activity for the whole family

  • You only have 60 minutes to pass all the tests and challenges of this outdoor virtual Escape Game
  • Maximum reflection, creativity and fun are at the rendezvous!
  • It is a very suitable for the whole family (ideal from 7 years old). It is not necessary to have special knowledge, the game is designed for all
  • Children can come alone from 7 years oldThey will then be accompanied by the game master in their investigation
  • The game focuses on teamwork, logical thinking, sense of direction and speed
  • You don't need to have any special knowledge to find the riddle

The pitch:

The Earth is in grave danger... The resources of our planet are gradually running out... It is the end of the world. Fortunately, "a Magic Portal" would allow Atlas, its messenger, to arrive in the park of the castle of Nanterre to save the world. His objective? To gather the members of the "Community of Saviors", the only people capable of saving the Earth. If you are summoned to the Castle, it is because Atlas is preparing to make you pass a multitude of tests to ensure your value. He has hidden magical crystals in the Castle grounds. Go on a real treasure hunt with Escape Game inspired mechanisms to find these gems of power and be admitted to the Community of Salvators. 

The course of the treasure hunt / escape game :

  • Allow 5 minutes for the activity briefing
  • Your team's mission will be to save the earth, top time, you have 60 minutes, no more!
  • Armed with a tablet, each participant will make small characters appear thanks to augmented reality
  • They will help you solve puzzles and find 12 magic crystals to heal the Earth
  • During this escape-game you will learn 4 eco-responsible habits to adopt a sustainable diet

The right idea for a birthday party:

  • It is a great activity for an outdoor birthday party
  • The birthday package includes in addition to the gameA table, drinks, candies and a birthday garland. Attention, the cake remains the challenge of the parents !
  • The children are first welcomed by a dedicated animator who is there to guide them and explain the game. The escape game lasts 1 hour. Afterwards, the children will meet in the veranda area where the birthday party will take place. Finally, the children can spend the afternoon in the park and enjoy the natural area
  • The success rate is 100%
  • The birthday package can accommodate jup to 20 children
  • The ideal age for this formula is 7-13 years old
  • The fee is 7 1 additional € per child

The Escape Games outdoors in Paris

Practical information

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