For children 6 to 12 years old
Choose between a visit to the Rodin Museum or a tour of the Rodin Museum gardens
weekend at the Rodin Museum

Celebrate your birthday at the Rodin Museum

  • We offer two guided tours, led by guides specializing in young visitors: "In Rodin's hands." in the museum or the "treasure hunt" tourIn the gardens of the Rodin Museum
  • If you'd like to introduce children to the Rodin Museum, choose the "In Rodin's Hands" guided tour. Afterwards, they can stretch their legs or have a picnic in the garden.
  • If the weather is fine and you're looking for an outdoor activity, choose the "In the gardens of the Rodin Museum" treasure hunt.
  • These tours are led by guide-lecturers

  • Age for 6-12 year olds
  • Number up to 12 children max.
  • duration : 1h30
  • On the parents' side : compulsory presence of one parent for up to 6 children and two parents for up to 12 children
  • Where You can choose between a guided tour of the Rodin Museum and a treasure hunt in the Rodin Museum garden.
  • Rate* : from 300 euros (plus 20% on Sundays)
  • Held at Don't forget: wear comfortable shoes for the museum garden. And don't forget water bottles, hats and sunglasses if the weather is very nice.
  • Snack Please note: snacks are not included in this package. You can take the children to the "L'Augustine" café or picnic in the gardens.

* Price includes 2 adult admission tickets to the Rodin Museum

The "In Rodin's hands" guided tour

  • The tour guide will take the children to the Hôtel Biron.
  • She will tell them about the tumultuous life of this renowned artist, who failed 3 times in the entrance exam to the Paris School of Art.School of Fine Arts. And then how, after many scandals, he became the great master and world-renowned sculptor we know today.
  • of the horror storiesheroines who sacrifice themselves, heroines who impossible lovesstories of dressing gowns, through a little trip to hell not forgetting of course the place of female artists in the 19th century with Camille Claudel.
  • A fascinating and rich visit to theone of the finest art museums in Paris !

In the gardens of the Rodin Museum" treasure hunt tour

  • A anthropophagous knight, mysterious escapees heroes en colère, funny tributes to great writers, the gateway to Hell... 
  • In the museum garden Rodin as our tour guide takes your children (with activity booklets in hand) on a fun and exciting treasure hunt.
  • You'll discover the sculptures of this world-famous artist, who failed the entrance exam to the Ecole des Arts et Métiers 3 times. Fine Arts before making a name for himself through the scandals his works caused in the press.
  • It's an exciting, fun tour that's sure to captivate children.

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