For 8-12 year olds
Les Halles district and surroundings

? 1 order = 1 tree planted

the "Peter Pan" treasure hunt

  • Age : for 8-12 years old
  • District : les Halles and surroundings
  • Starting and ending point Nelson Mandela Garden
  • Points of interest Halles de Paris, Saint-Eustache church, Nelson Mandela garden, the Bourse de Commerce, Baltard in the Louvre
  • duration : 1h30
  • Number of missions : 18
  • Distance travelled : about 1.4 km
  • Language French, English, Italian

A treasure hunt to do with your family whenever you want (not dated, not time stamped) from the mobile application. Choose a team leader and go on an adventure with your children or grandchildren in the Halles district of Paris.

outdoor escape game

? 1 order = 1 tree planted

The plot of the "Peter Pan" treasure hunt

Have you ever wondered if your dreams were just dreams, or was there something bigger going on? And, if you could live a magical adventure by helping the one and only, Peter Pan ?

Well, today you'll have the answer to that question! Fighting Fly and Hook, continue the shadow of Peter Pan and flies over the city with the help of the wonderful Tinkerbell !

Will you be able to find the Lost Children and return them safely to the Neverland ?

About this Urban Escape Game

⏱ Play against the clock or do it at your own pace
? Use the map to find your way
? Discover the tourist and hidden corners of Paris
⛩ Get historical anecdotes about the monuments and facades of a neighborhood in Paris
? Solve all the puzzles to complete your missions
? Take turns being the team leader

Practical information

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