- Musical Christmas tale-
From 2 years

"Le Père Noël est enrhumé"- A musical race, a tale in song

  • WE LOVE : a sung, family-friendly, tender and hilarious tale during the Christmas vacations
  • AGE : 2 to 8 years
  • DATE: until January 7, 2024 (performances on November 11 and January 1)
  • HOURS at 4:30 p.m.
  • DURATION: 50 min
  • LOCATION: at La Folie Théâtre (Paris, 11th arrondissement)

Santa sneezed! We've got to find a remedy

  • It's panic at the North Pole! Santa Claus has caught a cold and can't get out of bed!
  • It's never happened before ... we've got to find a solution, a remedy, so that he can get better and do his rounds on Christmas Eve.
  • It's impossible to imagine for a second that the children won't have their presents!
  • The solution surely lies in an old magic grimoire...
  • Mama Claus and Gus the Goblin will try every recipe to get Santa back on his feet, but ... will they find the right formula?

All in song, it's a wonderful, lively and humorous show that reminds us that at Christmas time, the magic of an old grimoire can always provide a solution.

Le Père Noël est enrhumé trailer - A la Folie Théâtre

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