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: this chivalrous comedy full of laughter, adventures and songs
Age :  for ages 4 - 8
Duration:  Until March 24
Location:   Mathurins Theater (Paris 8th)
Chevaliers, le grand tournoi au théâtre des Mathurins

Knights: Horse comedy full of adventures, songs and laughter


  • Oyez! Oyez! Damoiselles Damoiseaux! Gentes Ladies and Noble Lords! Approach!
  • Approach! Come for the first time on stage at a grand chivalry tournament, and you will be the one to elect the winning knight!
  • Address competition, crossbow, archery, sword fights, horse games ... will decide the knights.
  • Crazy chivalrous comedy full of adventures, songs and laughter.
  • A show of 1:15


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