Two artists to discover at the Atelier des Lumières
A digital experience with XXL works
Until January 2, 2023
Cezanne at the workshop of lights

Cezanne and Kandinsky,
at the Atelier des Lumières

  • WE LOVE : an experience as surprising as ever
  • AGE: for all, from 6 years old
  • DATE:  until January 2, 2023
  • HOURS: Every day, including holidays - Sunday to Thursday: 10am - 6pm; Friday and Saturday: 10am - 10pm
  • VISITING TIME : count at least 1 hour
  • LOCATION: the Atelier des Lumières (Paris 11e)

Cezanne, lights of Provence

  • It is in Provence that Cezanne painted his major works, and more particularly the Sainte Victoire mountain
  • The visitor is invited for 40 minutes to an immersive journey in the work of Cezanne with his colorful landscapes, his famous still lifes and paintings such as "The Smoker" or "The Card Players".
  • The color dominates, the self-portraits touch us and the abundant nature envelops us

Kandinsky, the odyssey of the Abstract

  • The Atelier des Lumières presents works by Vassily Kandinsky for about ten minutes,
  • Figurative works painted at the beginning of his career, with impressionist touches, pointillism or fauvism
  • The second part, more modern, colorful and geometric, shows the major works of the artist, a real journey into the cosmos

The Atelier des Lumières, the new cultural place in Paris

  • The Workshop of Lights opened in the spring of 2018 in a former smelter in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. This very large exhibition space is perfectly suited to the ambitions of this new Parisian cultural venue.
  • The founding principle is put technology at the service of the artistic tradition by appropriating classical pictorial works to make them into gigantic video projections.
  • It is another way of organizing exhibitions, of discovering art, it's amazing and it will please the young publicfor sure!
  • In a space of 2000 m2 and 10 meters high, Van Gogh's works are projected on the floor, the ceiling and the walls. 
  • It is a visual shock, the colors explode. A music accompanies the projection. We are plunged into a sound and light XXL size. More than 3000 images set in motion by 140 laser projectors make this immersive art.


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