Musical show

"It is the mother Michel who ..."

  • WE LOVE : famous nursery rhymes to sing together
  • AGE : for ages 3 - 6
  • DATE:
  • LOCATION: Alhambra Theater (Paris 10th)
musical show for toddlers

It's mother Michel who... : the musical show to sing nursery rhymes with the little ones

  • At the clear fountain, It's mother Michel, I have good tobacco, Let's walk in the woods, Don't cry Jeannette, Lark, nice lark, I went down in my garden, The C of my clarinet, On the bridge of Avignon, Let's dance the nasturtium...
  • A musical show for toddlers based on the tradition of nursery rhymes
  • The 6 singing actors interpret the famous characters of the nursery rhymes.
  • There is of course Mother Michel, Pierre, Jeannette and also a nasty wolf who is scary, very scary when he is deprived of music...
  • A show to sing all together

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