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: musical version of the famous tale
Age :  from 1 year
Duration:  Until 29 November 2020
Location:   Aktéon Theater (Paris 11th)
boucle d'or et les 3 ours au theatre

Goldilocks and the three bears: The pretty tale for toddlers in a musical version


  • The Touk Touk Company offers a musical version of the story Goldilocks and the 3 bears
  •  An original idea for introduce toddlers to the classical repertoire,. The story is told with popular nursery rhymes and classical music pieces like the Bourdon flight, or Pierre et le Loup ..
  • Here each instrument evokes a character : bass or bass flute for daddy bear, cello or flute for mom bear and viola or piccolo for little bear
  • A nice show
  • Duration: 35 minutes


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