Activities and outings in Paris less than 20 €

(for an adult price less than 20 €)

Our ideas of outings and activities "cheap" (less than 20 € per person) to enjoy Paris with your family without breaking the bank: a cinema session for a few euros, theater places to small budget, activities at reduced price like the Aquarium of the Golden Gate, the swimming pool, the ice rink or more original the visit of the sewers of Paris. A clever idea to discover Paris with a small budget: take the RATP buses (read our article on the best bus lines to visit the capital).

musée du Louvre : les tricheurs, un tableau qui plait aux enfants

The Louvre museum

One of the most beautiful museums in the world!
The Victory of Samothrace, the Mona Lisa, the Cheater ...
The Department of Egyptology
Free for children under 18