At the Paris Opera, for children aged 10 to 13
For a birthday, family or association

Rates and practical information

  • Formula S 220€ (up to 6 children and 2 adults)
  • Formula M 250€ (up to 8 children and 2 adults)
  • Formula L 280€ (up to 10 children and 2 adults)
  • Each package includes two adult tickets (accompanying persons) for the Paris Opera
  • If there are more than two accompanying parents, they will have to pay an entrance ticket for the Opéra Garnier and inform the organizers in advance.
  • For children aged 10 to 13
  • Duration: 1h30
  • The snack is not included in these packages if it is for a birthday
  • Tickets are ticketed so there is no waiting to get into the Opera House
  • Meeting place: on the steps of the Paris Opera House
  • Please note that the maximum number of children is 10, and that it will not be possible to take extra children.

Pitch of the "Shadow on the Opera" treasure hunt

A dancer has been found dead in the Opera House. Strange facts lead us to believe that it is a murder. Moreover, only 6 people were present that night... We will have to sort out the real from the fake, to find the guilty among the innocent... So, let's make way for action!

Our opinion A playful visit to the superb Paris Opera, a speech adapted to young audiences, the discovery of one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris. A tour designed and thought out for children!

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Star Star Star Star Star - A great treasure hunt!!!
Written by Daphné PEINY, 06-06-2024

The treasure hunt was very well organized. The kids (average age 11) loved it! They were just the right amount of scared. It was a great success! Thank you so much!

Star Star Star Star Star - A successful anniversary at the Opéra Garnier
Written by Marie-Claude A., on 28-05-2024

It was to celebrate my 10-year-old daughter's birthday with her friends. They had a great time. They immediately got involved in the investigation. Well done to Agent Cronos.

Star Star Star Star Star - Original
Written by Benedicte Garcia , 01-04-2024

It was a good time, between history and story .

Star Star Star Star Star - Super survey
Written by Mirelle ROCHA ALVES CHAUFER , 04-03-2024

Super. The girls were delighted.

Star Star Star Star Star - means
Written by Lucille Moreau, 04-02-2024

The organization works, but it's a birthday party and should be fun too. Some children were scared. On our side, I think that at the end, a little happy birthday message from the organizer would be nice to ease the tension. It's good to be in the role, but it has to be fun for all the kids. It's a birthday party. My daughter turned 10, so maybe role-playing is too intense for her age. But given the investment involved, it's important that it remains a memorable and enjoyable moment.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great experience!
Written by florence PANTALONI SCHMIDT, on 27-11-2023

Perfect for my 13-year-old daughter's birthday party. The kids loved it (although boys that age are harder to interest!). Agent Cronos was perfect! He helped the children and guided them without giving them the answer.

Star Star Star Star Star - Birthday activity for 11-year-olds Successful from start to finish!
Written by Sophie Tran, 23-11-2023

The host was in character from the very first second. No time was wasted on presentations, we were immediately immersed in the investigation. A successful event in an exceptional setting. The children were won over. Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Very happy birthday
Written by Clara Zaoui, 30-06-2023

A breathtaking riddle that kept the whole team on the edge of their seats. The birthday party was a great success, and the person who hosted it was truly generous. You could feel her kindness and commitment!

Star Star Star Star Star - Great afternoon
Written by MG, 22-06-2023

The puzzle was great and everyone was able to participate as they went along. At the end we would have liked to have had a little more time.

Star Star Star Star Star - Perfect
Written by Cécile-Laure ROSE, 18-06-2023

Easy to contact, quick to answer questions. Top host, integrates all the children, dynamic, satisfying and original activity. The kids loved it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Very good time at the Opera Garnier
Written by Agent L, on 17-05-2023

Very well done investigation in the opera with a mix of suspenseful investigation and history teaching. The children were well captivated during the hour and a half, we would have all extended the experience!

Star Star Star Star Star - A rhythmic investigation within the Opera
Written by Valerie Erhart, on 30-03-2023

Zélie (9 years old) and her friends loved the investigation that led them to the Opéra Garnier. They were so involved in the game that it was difficult to get out of it at the end of the birthday party because the questions were so numerous. Rhythmic animation of a group of 10 children. Bravo to our investigator C14 who, thanks to his acting technique, was able to get the whole team on board. We don't see the time passing, very interesting, thank you!

Star Star Star Star Star - Spies in the making!
Written by Gaëlle FAILLER, on 24-03-2023

We recommend this original activity, in a beautiful place. The children loved it and were ready to play as soon as they arrived on the spot! Everything is clearly explained beforehand, serious organization.

Star Star Star Star Star - Recommended activity
Written by Anna A, on 13-02-2023

Real immersion in the investigation. The 10/11 year old group loved it! Very good communication with the organizer who was very flexible. I highly recommend this activity!

Star Star Star Star Star - We really feel like agents
Written by Amie MATHIEU, on 09-02-2023

It was perfect! The agent was in his role from the first second and the kids got into the game immediately. I recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - At the top thank you ????
Written by Yohan Jossier, on 13-01-2023

A magical moment that left its mark on our little ones. Thanks again for this adventure. ????????????

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