Very trendy, cultural and fun A birthday formula, ideal with children from 8 years old

A treasure hunt on the theme of Street Art

It is an interactive and playful visit during which the children will discover the names of artists and the techniques used by graffiti artists. This exciting visit ends with an "in the Street" mini-workshop during which the children can express themselves. We love this neighborhood with young children for many pedestrian precinct and few cars (the countryside in Paris).

  • Course n ° 1 in the district of Montmartre : one of our favorite neighborhoods in Paris, which hides some nuggets of street art
  • Route n°2 in the Marais district : go in search of Street Art in this very beautiful area of Paris
  • Street art is on the rise. Young people are sensitive to this street art so singular and at the same time very accessible. They are often intrigued by the many graffiti, collages, Space Invidersmonumental frescoes, drawings...
  • Several districts of Paris have undergone a metamorphosis in recent years and Street Art is now part of the Parisian landscape.
  • Several Street Art visits of Paris This Street Art treasure hunt is ideal for a fun and educational birthday party.
  • This treasure hunt is for objective to make discover this street art by developing the children's artistic sense.
  • There are 2 courses "Street Art " treasure hunt in Paris. They are accessible to children from 8 years old as well as to teenagers
  • This is an opportunity for young people to discover Artists like Invader, Misstik, Nemo, Mesnager, Pébeo...
  • During this treasure hunt, children solve riddles and discover works by known and unknown artists

Rates and practical information

  • Age : from 8 years old
  • Rate : 260 € for 10 youths max.
  • 1 youth group leader
  • Privatization of one of the 2 discovery courses
  • The snack is not provided in this formula


  • Is the taste planned? The snack is not included in this formula.
  • Are the courses suitable for all teens  ? Yes, the choice is made according to the wishes of the parents and the children, the place of residence etc...
  • Are some courses better suited to boys or girls?   No, they are mixed and will please everyone.
  • Is it a treasure hunt?   No, it's a real treasure hunt. The goal is not to find a treasure but to solve puzzles along the way
  • Should parents accompany the group? No, it's a treasure hunt for young people, not for adults.
  • What if the parents want to take pictures?  The facilitator takes photos during the treasure hunt and will be happy to send them to the parents.

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Practical information

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