For children from 7 to 11 years old
street art at la butte aux cailles


But who is this artist who is rampant at the Butte aux Cailles? Who is this mysterious Street Artist who asks us to participate in his work? The children will have to go through a part of the 13th district, to be careful and attentive in order to reach the end of this mission...

 The guide was contacted by a mysterious street artist. Although world famous, nobody knows his real identity. He always works incognito and asks others to install his works in the street. The children's mission: find his work and install it. It's a thrilling treasure hunt during which the children will discover the mysteries of this artist while having fun. A real team work with this game that goes develop their sense of directionlogical and of observation.

  • For an hour and a half, from signs found on a statue, from a label hidden under a bench, from a clue given by the facilitatorthe children will have to think, use their wits, and move on to the next step
  • They're going to solve riddles and each correct answer will allow them to advance on the course until the final goal, to find the work of this mystery artist
  • They'll leave with a little trophy at the end of the game...
  • Parents can be present but beware (!!) forbidden to burn the children's blanket!
  • It is a very popular area for parents quiet area with few cars


(same price as direct)

  • Formula S : 150€ (up to 8 children)
  • Formula M : 1900€ (up to 10 children)
  • Formula L : 230€ (up to 12 children)
  • the snack is not included in this formula


  • Age for children from 7 to 11 years old
  • Number of children S formula (up to 8), M formula (up to 10), L formula (up to 12)
  • When Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday /
  • The place in the Butte-aux-Cailles district (13th)
  • Meeting place Place d'Italie (in front of the entrance to the Italie 2 shopping center)
  • duration : 1h30
  • Weather : the treasure hunt is maintained in case of rain (this will be the time to take out the rubber boots and umbrellas)
  • Held at Good shoes and don't forget a small bottle of water, hat and glasses if the weather is very nice
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Star Star Star Star Star - Great idea for a birthday party
Written by Marie Gandois , 06-06-2024

We chose this activity for my 7-year-old daughter's birthday. The children had a wonderful time. I recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - Fun and instructive tour
Written by Tamar KATZ, 28-01-2024

The tour is very appropriate, fun and instructive. The children learn to observe everywhere and take their mission seriously. I just wish there'd been more color in the final work. Yes, absolutely recommended! And to be repeated on a spring walk with friends or family.

Star Star Star Star Star - Great entertainment!
Written by Sophie Mouchard, 09-10-2023

My daughter's birthday went very well. Children and adults alike learned a lot and enjoyed a lovely walk through the streets of Paris. The installation of the work will remain in their memories! Thank you

Star Star Star Star Star - Birthday at its best!
Written by Eva Tournissoux, 04-06-2023

Yes, the children had a great time ☺️

Star Star Star Star Star - Formidable street art-themed birthday party
Written by Adeline Lemaire, 14-05-2023

4th experience with C14, as successful as ever. The right mix of culture, fun and suspense, all perfectly adapted to the children's ages. Highly recommended!

Star Star Star Star Star - Discovering Street Art in the Butte-aux-Cailles
Written by MARC O., on 21-03-2023

An immersive investigation at the Butte-Aux-Cailles on the traces of Street Art: the children had a lot of fun and recommend the walk!

Star Star Star Star Star - Very successful
Written by Aurélia MAROTTE, on 18-03-2023

Great moment for a team of 8 boys of 10 years old. Top notch facilitator, very interactive, the boys were captivated and loved the final workshop. Adults can follow from afar and also make great discoveries. I absolutely recommend it.

Star Star Star Star Star - very nice, the kids loved it
Written by Flora D, on 17-02-2023

Tested with 8 children (girls and boys) for my son's 8th birthday. I recommend it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Good survey
Written by Lucie Hoareau, on 05-07-2022

I took the survey for a birthday party for a 10 year old. There were (only) 4 of them. It went well and the survey was fun. The facilitator was a little lacking in punch and enthusiasm but the survey is fine. On the other hand, I think that the end should be modified: the children did not appreciate doing the activity at the end (a street art work in the street while we tell them during 1 hour that it is not allowed....) and it would be better to do it on a paper canson for example and that they take it away as a souvenir!

Star Star Star Star Star - great time for everyone!
Written by Anne L, on 20-06-2022

Right from the start, the children were put in the mood by the animator, who took them with him to discover the many facets of street art in the 13th arrondissement. He got the whole group involved, even though it was already a large group, and included everyone in turn. They were delighted with the final surprise (even if we did have to disown the whole herd in the street 🙂 ). On the other hand, he left so quickly that we didn't even get to give him a treat that the children had kept... thanks to him and to recommend him.

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