For children 11-14 years old at the Père Lachaise cemetery

The game trail

A group of people broke into the Père Lachaise cemetery, but unfortunately not all of them got out alive... On-site investigation could give us valuable clues as to the reason for the murder and the identity of the murderer. But we have to do it before the suspects get out of jail, because if a murderer is running around the streets we will look very smart. 

Only, the cemetery is huge! You won't want to get lost. You will also have to pay more attention, efficiency and D'a deductive mind without fail. And now it's time for action.


  • Same price as direct
  • Formula S : 150€ (up to 8 children)
  • Formula M : 190€ (up to 10 children)
  • Formula L : 230€ (up to 12 children)
  • the snack is not included in this formula

Same price as live!


  • Age for children aged 11 to 14
  • Number of children S formula (up to 8), M formula (up to 10), L formula (up to 12)
  • When Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • The neighborhood the Père Lachaise cemetery
  • duration : 1h45
  • Weather The service is maintained in case of rain (this is the time to get out the rubber boots and umbrellas)
  • Held at Bring comfortable shoes (like sneakers) adapted to the area. Don't forget a small bottle of water, hat and glasses if the weather is very nice.
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Star Star Star Star Star - To
Written by Emilie Auvray, 05-02-2024

Super original and quirky

Star Star Star Star Star - Top activity!
Written by Eve B, 02-10-2023

A group of 8 13-year-olds, not easy to interest! The challenge was met majestically by our C14 agent! The boys' team was delighted, and I was able to follow along and learn a lot! A really great time!

Star Star Star Star Star - Big success
Written by David Caby, 30-06-2023

The children (10-year olds) got caught up in the adventure and really enjoyed it. The guide took charge of the children and returned them to me 2 hours later (instead of 1h30 as planned). They must have liked it.

Star Star Star Star Star - An unforgettable investigation :p
Written by Elisabeth Mombouyran, 19-06-2023

We investigated with the amazing Agente Cuivre for my 12-year-old daughter's birthday party, with a group of 8 girls aged 11 and 12. The immersion was immediate, thanks to Agente Cuivre's talent. Beforehand, Agent Carbone listened carefully and quickly answered the various questions I had. It's worth noting the remarkable ability to adapt to the situation, already with the teenage group, then we had a weather alert for thunderstorms and strong winds which forced us to evacuate Père Lachaise. Everything could have fallen through (ha-ha!) but absolutely not, which made it the unforgettable part for the little group who experienced real emotions! Even though the survey was cut short due to the weather conditions, it was an interesting and fun way to visit a place that's teeming with anecdotes. The organizer saved the day by improvising this shortened version to the best of his ability, and offered a commercial gesture. I can't recommend it highly enough: you get the impression of a group of enthusiasts who are committed to doing their very best!

Star Star Star Star Star - A great time in the Père Lachaise cemetery for a group of teenagers with agent Cadence.
Written by Jean-Pierre Cresci, 12-06-2023

Very simple booking, good communication with Familin'Paris (info on the event...) Very good contact with Agent Cadence, who got on very well with the group of teenagers. I would definitely recommend this event to others.

Star Star Star Star Star - Super anniversary at Père Lachaise
Written by VERONIQUE MOLIÉ, 06-06-2023

The kids are still talking about it a week later: they loved it. The organization was efficient and the communication fluid. I highly recommend

Star Star Star Star Star - Great!
Written by Marine RAMBAUD, on 31-03-2023

Great activity! My daughter and her friends loved it!

Star Star Star Star Star - Top activity for young teens
Written by Sébastien Guyot, on 28-11-2022

This is an original activity: a treasure hunt to solve a double murder in Père Lachaise. An ideal pretext to discover the biggest Parisian cemetery, to learn a lot of things while having fun The children (between 10 and 13 years old) were delighted with their adventure with the Copper agent ????

Star Star Star Star Star - Very successful!
Written by Antoine, on 06-07-2022

Two birthdays, two missions (Crime in Père Lachaise and Street Art in Montmartre), two successes: the children were all delighted, and a big bravo to the agents!

Star Star Star Star Star - A great experience
Written by Agnès Le Bot, on 13-05-2022

A big congratulations to the whole team, Leonard and the agent Corpus. The children (6 children of 10 years old) loved the investigation, they were invested in their mission, and more than enthusiastic. My daughter was thrilled with her birthday and wants to do another one of the activities next year. I attended the very beginning of the mission myself and was impressed with the investment of the "agent". We have already recommended this activity to others and will continue!

Star Star Star Star Star - Beautiful and intriguing story in a place full of history
Written by Fayna , on 10-02-2022

After some hesitation about how to approach Agent Corpus, Anna and her 11-year-old friends put their heads together to solve the double crime at Père Lachaise. They let themselves be guided by the great spirits and ghosts of the place. The weather was perfect for the place (gray January sky and a little drizzle), adding a touch of romance to the story. The girls really enjoyed learning more about this wonderful place (thanks Juliette and Leo!) Don't hesitate to contact Leo for the reservation. This is my second experience with the C14 network which I recommend.

Star Star Star Star Star - A successful birthday party despite the gloomy weather
Written by MR, on 27-01-2022

6 children of 9-10 years old delighted with their afternoon. The cemetery can be impressive, accosting a "snitch" is not easy but in the end an afternoon that flies by, despite the cold, and we learn a lot. Thank you c14 agents!

The treasure hunt - Investigation in Paris

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